Steam Data Shows that AMD Vega 8 Has Made the Ranking

Steam is the largest online game platform in the world. It has a large user base. According to Steam data, the number of Steam online at the same time has exceeded 22 million. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the online data of steam players continues to grow. And the number of steam players online has been breaking its own record. Steam has started free activities for many games.

Not long ago, steam released their latest hardware survey. For the first time, machines with AMD graphics cards have made the steam user usage list. Many users know that AMD’s Redeon Vega 8 graphics card has received high evaluation. And many laptops using this integrated graphics card have achieved great success. It is not difficult to find that Redeon Vega 8 has become the most popular AMD graphics card.

Redeon Vega 8 has been showing itself on all major lists since August, such as the best-selling parts list. As an integrated graphics card, it actually ranked 9th on the best-selling list. Its ranking even surpasses that of the GTX 1650 Super. Surprisingly, Navi 10’s RX5700 XT sold almost half as much as VEGA. Many AMD fans have high expectations of AMD. They think that AMD will surpass NVIDIA to become the largest graphics card manufacturer sooner or later.

Many users have misunderstanding about AMD’s scene. These users will classify all computer failures as using AMD’s graphics card. This is a common misconception. In fact, AMD’s graphics card and NVIDIA’s graphics card have their own advantages. AMD’s graphics card is good at processing colors. NVIDIA’s graphics card is good at processing actions. If users are playing 3A games, they should choose NVIDIA’s graphics card. If the user’s work is more biased towards image processing or mapping, AMD graphics cards will be better.

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Here we recommend a computer using AMD Redeon Vega 8-HUAWEI’s HONOR MagicBook 15. You can buy HONOR MagicBook 15 in UK. This is a good computer. It is equipped with AMD 4500 processor and AMD Redeon Vega 8 graphics card. It has powerful performance. It is equipped with 8G of memory and 512G of solid-state disk. This can fully support most games on steam. This computer is extremely powerful in performance and excellent in appearance. Ultra-thin body, cool color and strong design. These advantages make this computer look perfect.

The above is the appraisal of AMD’s graphics card and NVIDIA’s graphics card. I hope this article can provide help in purchasing laptops, desktop computers or parts to assemble. I hope that all users will not blindly choose NVIDIA graphics cards without referring to their actual needs.

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