Symantec Releases New Coupons To Fight The Cost Of Hacking In Businesses

Symantec Releases New Coupons To Fight The Cost Of Hacking In Businesses
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Almost any modern business, whatever it might be, is a venture that relies on its digital assets. These assets might come in different shape and form depending on the business but are all digital in nature. In fact, one estimate from 2017 stated that almost 85% of all business assets are in the digital form. This makes complete sense, especially since the internet and the online domain became such a dominant tool in both everyday life and business. Naturally, the digitization process comes with a multitude of advantages and it is one of the reasons why so many successful companies are growing.

However, there is also a dark side to the digitalization and it comes in the form of hostile intrusions into business data, which is more widely known as hacking. This process is a constant and ever-present threat to any business, no matter how big or small they might be. Also, the cost of hacking is undeniably high. A study made by Oxford economics concluded that the share price of a company falls to about 1.8% on average after a big hacking attack. The same attack also takes a permanent number of users of the same business.

What is even worse is the fact that most hacking attacks can cause immense and long-term damage to a company. In 2013, the same study pointed out that out of 315 examined breaches of security, over 65 were described as catastrophic or severe.

Additionally, non-specific attacks on the elements of the company’s infrastructure can cause direct harm to a company by slowing down its services or blocking them. For example, the WannaCry attacks of 2017 that hijacked computers of individuals who did not have the proper security patch were completely indiscriminate. Yet, the attack still managed to impact the global economy and many companies whose employees had their data compromised.

The investors in the UK lost over £42 billion thanks to the attacks of this type up to this point. Also, this is the reason why a regular FTSE-listed company in the top 100 is able to lose over £150 million after a single breach.

All of this clearly shows that the concept of digital security is exceedingly important for any business organization in the world. Fortunately, for all those who want to know that they possess the ultimate tool for this purpose, there is a software specialized in business needs, called Endpoint Protection by Symantec. With it, a company can attain a unified system for protection and management of devices. The same product works for Mac, PC, mobile devices and even servers, coming as a top-to-bottom platform for securing both data and software systems of a company. The system is equally able to stop ransomware, denial-of-service intrusions, zero-day threats and many other types of sophisticated attacks. This software applies endpoint data protection, network access permissions, and device security.

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Naturally, Symantec Inc understands that the threats to the digital infrastructure are constantly evolving. This is the reason why its software product includes a multi-layer approach that combines behavior analysis, emulation, and even the very advanced technology of machine learning. Also, the company is focused on providing and constantly improving the level of mobile device protection, which is why it blocks all malware on the Android platform.

The cost of this software starts at $54 per license per year. Normally, a company would have to buy dozens of licenses in order to cover all the computers and servers, so the cost goes really high. Thanks to the Symantec coupons, businesses can save up to 20% off the final price. The company gives discount codes to promote internet security in the corporate environment. Symantec coupons and promotional deals can be found at and other tech forums and coupon sites.


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