The 3 Ways To Increase Conversions On Your E-commerce Store

Getting more traffic to an e-commerce site is something that many owners struggle with. They then focus on those numbers and try to increase them all the time. While this is a worthy goal, it leaves a meaningful way to make more money.

Use the traffic you already have and get them to convert more or spend more money instead of focusing on increasing traffic. Conversions matter, so you have to learn things like flat lay composition for your product photos and improve calls to action. In this article, we will go over several ways to increase your conversion rates to make even more money.

Improve call to action

When your visitors come to your site, do they know what they should do next? That means that they should figure out that they should add an item to their cart or sign up for the email list. 

There needs to be a clear and prominent call to action. For instance, if your visitor arrives at your site onto a landing page, make sure the language is clear and concise and has a button for what they should do next. A visitor should not be left wondering what step to take next or to have to navigate around the site to find what they are looking for.

Part of improving calls to action understands what you want the visitor to do next. Figure that out, and then create the buttons to help direct them. 

Make better content

Your content should delight your visitors. That could mean that your social media posts are compelling and engaging. Or, it can mean that the blog post copy is well written and persuasive. 

Make the content work for you since this is usually the first contact somebody will have with your brand. The better the content, the more likely they will have an emotional response to it. 

Since people usually make purchases based on emotions, you need your copy to encourage that reaction. 

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Build a funnel

It doesn’t matter how valuable the product is that you’re selling. If a visitor to the site isn’t ready to buy at that moment, then they will likely leave the site. Then you are left hoping that they will come back and buy when they are ready.

Instead of leaving things up to fate, create a funnel and capture visitors at every stage of the buyer’s journey. An example is building an email list. If a visitor hits the landing page from a social media post, they are likely at the beginning of the journey and looking for information. So capture that person’s email by offering a freebie and build the list. 

Then, you can communicate with them throughout the process and connect right when they are ready to buy what you’re selling. 

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