The 5 Greatest Sports Movies of All Time

Raging Bull


Sports movies teach us to believe in ourselves, not give up and go towards goals no matter what. In this article, you will read about the five greatest paintings in history according to

1. Raging Bull (USA, 1980. IMDb: 8.2)

The film is based on the story of boxer Jake LaMotta. The fighter, who was called “Raging Bull” was cruel and merciless not only in the ring but also outside it. The film tells about his destructive relationship with the closest people, with his wife and brother.

Raging Bull became a movie classic very quickly, and it is impossible to tell about it in a couple of paragraphs. We advise you to watch it and evaluate for yourself the quality of the editing, the impact on the viewer and the talent of the extraordinary Robert De Niro. For the actor, this motion picture became the fourth joint project with Martin Scorsese.

2. Million Dollar Baby (USA, 2004. IMDb: 8,1)

Million Dollar Baby

This film is about an ambitious and determined girl and an elderly coach. Maggie works as a waitress but dreams of becoming a boxer. She asks the gloomy old man Dunn for help, but he constantly refuses her because he does not want to train the girls.

In this film, the legendary Clint Eastwood was both an actor and a director, and he coped with both roles with equal talent. This is best confirmed by the fact that the film won four Oscars.

However, not the abundance of awards and not even the star cast (and both Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman were filmed here) are the main reason to watch this wonderful film. Million Dollar Baby is one of the most poignant stories in cinema. Boxing here is just a background part of the story of love, humanity and loneliness. 

3. Rocky (USA, 1976. IMDb: 8.1)

Rocky Balboa is a loser boxer who cannot succeed in any way. World heavyweight boxing champion Apollo Creed wants to fight a hopeless novice athlete. By chance, he chooses Rocky as his rival, for whom this fight can be an excellent chance to prove to everyone that he is talented.

Rocky 1976 is considered one of the best films of the era. It later developed into a franchise of eight films, including spin-offs, which received good reviews and provided the creators with a large box office.

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4. The Blind Side (USA, 2009. IMDb: 7.7)

The Blind Side

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The film is based on the biography of Michael Oher, a professional American football player. A black guy from a dysfunctional family meets a woman living in a prestigious area of ??the city, and she eventually accepts him into her family.

This film is not about sports, but about family values. One of the main roles in it was played by Sandra Bullock, whose performance was highly praised by critics.

5. The Wrestler (USA, France, 2008. IMDb: 7.9)

The main character Randy Robinson used to be a wrestling star, but a heart attack prevented his sports career. But, analyzing his life, the former wrestler realized that, apart from the ring, he had nothing.

The Wrestler is filmmaker Darren Aronofsky’s reflection on life crisis and the slow decay of the personality (more on emotional crises and mental health can be found on

The wonderful performance of Mickey Rourke, who in the film played a man very similar to himself, also helps to get inspired by the ideas of the talented director.

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