The Greatest Series on the Theme of Gambling

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Not only lovers of gambling are interested in movies and series about kajot casino 5 euro free, and gambling in general. This genre is very popular and interesting to watch for a wide range of people. It attracts attention with its unexpected turns of events.

Below we propose to get acquainted with some of the most popular, exciting series on the theme of gambling.

Las Vegas

First, we offer to consider a rather popular TV series, “Las Vegas”. He managed to win the hearts of many viewers. Filmed as many as five seasons. The plot revolves around the main character Ed Deline. He occupies a management position in the Montecito chain of fancy casinos, which are located in Las Vegas. His job is to control law and order in a network of popular casinos.

After all, it is these gambling establishments are often visited by crooks in order to make a profit at the expense of their respectable players. The series was released in the period from 2003 to 2008. It has a good rating. Various life situations are presented here, some of which can be comical, while others, on the contrary, are a bit sad. Of course, there is love, money, friendship, loyalty.


Another exciting series about gambling. The plot develops around the game of poker and three friends who play it just great. They are completely different characters and have different life stories, but they are united by the game of poker and the desire to win a big fight in it, namely to meet the king of poker in Las Vegas. But whether they can do it and maintain that friendship and clarity of mind is to be found out.

Crazy Gambling

A Japanese anime-style series from 2017. The story is about an elite school, “Hyakkao”, where the heirs of oligarchs are trained. Here they teach many disciplines: from the humanities, natural sciences to psychology and physiognomy. After all, future heirs will need skills to read emotions on the face, the ability to communicate and negotiate, and to restrain their emotions in various situations.

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Conducting gambling tournaments at school is the best way to hone their acquired skills. The poker tournament solves a lot. The winners are considered to be the “kings” of the school, and the losers have to serve the winners by tradition. These rules have been in effect for years until a female student, Yumeko, is transferred to the school. It is she who decides to change them by winning the poker game against the champions and putting the long-standing system of power-subordination under destruction.


The series was released in 2011 and is about behind-the-scenes horseplay. The main character here is former inmate Chester Bernstein. After his release, he was pulled into the world of gambling and horses, where he once again decided to pull off a big scam and earn money. The series can see the lives of people involved in horse racing from the inside, namely: jockeys, horse owners, the horses themselves, the participants of sweepstakes, and trainers.

Two seasons of the series have been filmed. It was planned to continue for a third season. However, due to the death of two horses in the process of filming, the series decided to end in the second season, despite the fact that he found a positive response among viewers.


A musical series from 2004. The plot develops around Rippy Holden. He has set a goal to turn his small resort town into a second Las Vegas. To do this, he opens a gambling hall, which in the future, he wants to modernize into a hotel with a casino.

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All this costs a lot of money and effort. However, the main hitch in his case becomes a situation when a body is found in his place. The investigation is taken by a rather prying detective, who nominates Rippy Holden himself as the main suspect. The detective is interested not only in the business side of life but also in his personal life, where Rippy’s wife attracts a lot of attention.

Liar Game

A Japanese TV series with a gripping plot in which naive girl Nao Kanzaki gets caught up in a very dangerous game. She receives a package with a black box containing a very large sum of money – 100 million won – and a note inviting her to play the game.

Of course, the game had already started. There was only one way to get out of the game, and that was to not use the money for a month. If the money was stolen, they would have to return it anyway. And so it happened to the main character.

The Casino

A French TV series from 1995. The main character Sam Rothstein has a great skill, namely the ability to make money. He is a professional betting player. He is the best at predicting the results of matches and competitions. And so the Mafia bosses decided to entrust him with running the casino in Las Vegas, giving him the help of his former friend Nicky Santoro. With whom they previously had business in common until the latter got involved with crime and drugs.

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