The “New Normal” Productivity Reminders for At-Home Work

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Working from home is surpassing working from the office on various levels. Not having to travel saves both time and money (plus, it can make you more comfortable). An overabundance of free productivity tools makes it pretty easy to check in with your colleagues. And if you wish to work in warm clothes, you can. 

However, there are hurdles, as well. If you’re coping with staying concentrated on a task at home, that interesting productivity study will do you good. It’s natural to think that your day is lagging to a crushing standstill as you can’t seem to get concentrated.

Often, the appropriate productivity system can make all the difference. While there is no one-size-suits-all answer, there are some practical ways to get out of all the distractions. Try out these productivity reminders to size up your productive workdays.

The Proper Tool

Your work area should be efficient, comfortable, and streamlined. Don’t use more than what is essential. This means maintaining your station uncluttered and taking frequent breaks (ideally before your productivity begins to subside).

Break Reminder: The Pomodoro Technique

Frequent short breaks can serve to keep you focused and stimulated. That’s when a tomato timer comes in. In Italian, “Pomodoro” implies “tomato” – hence, the term tomato timer. The Pomodoro technique is a time supervision system that urges you to work with the limited time you have.

Using this technique, you split your work time into 25-minute slices intervened by five-minute rests. These pauses are what we call the pomodoros. For the next four pomodoros, you can take a more extended break of about 15 to 20 minutes.

The timer imparts a feeling of urgency. Rather than thinking like you have unlimited time to get everything done and then eventually wasting those work hours on temptations, you’re reminded that you only have 25 minutes to get as much headway on your tasks as possible.

The Workspace That Works

Creating a productive workspace is required if you aspire to stay on track and get all your tasks done.

Make your workstation a place where you’ll appreciate spending your time. However, it would be best if you always remember that it’s an area for work. Some “office” touches can actually inspire you to be more productive. For instance, have a comfortable chair where you can work at ease. If not, you will surely look for lots of excuses to stand and go someplace! 

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Another thing to consider is a door that, obviously, you can lock anytime you need to (in case of essential video calls for work). It’s almost unlikely to work efficiently at home when there are people around. So, if you possess the free space, be outspoken and shut out possible disturbances. As a whole, organize your workstation so that intrusions are not an option.

Dress for Success

Even if you will not interact with different people at an at-home work setup, it’s essential to groom for success. Dressing for success involves brushing your teeth and taking a bath! In this way, your brain will be reminded that it’s work time rather than leisure time, which will provide you lots of energy. 

You know, a comfortable t-shirt and cute sweatpants might be more convenient, but with them, you may also feel sleepy, lazy, or indifferent. That’s a no-no if you want a productive day.

Final Words

These reminders are just some of the many tips to help you work productively when you are at home. A few of them may seem contradictory, while others can be mixed, but don’t forget that they are all excellent techniques. You can choose which one suits each task challenge or your work style best.

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