The Ultimate Guide to Family Vacation in Australia

The Ultimate Guide to Family Vacation in Australia

Whether you are a brave adventurer or a solo traveler who enjoys some pampering now and then, nothing can put you to the test like a family vacation. 

If you have decided to pack your stuff (and your family), Australia is the perfect place for you. Don’t worry! Our ultimate guide to your next family vacation in Australia is here to help you.

Are you looking for a romantic hotel in Melbourne? We got it sorted. Romance or adventure, Austalia really has plenty of things to offer. This country is massive and full of experiences to try. Your new adventure is waiting for you and your family!


If there is a town that needs no introduction, that is Sydney. Many people believe that every good trip should start with this capital. In addition, Sydney is the country’s most populated city.

Once in Sydney, you cannot miss the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. They both offer the perfect combination between a fun family adventure and a full immersion into Australian culture.

If you are heading to Sydney as well, we would recommend checking out the Harbour Rocks Hotel. If a relaxing and fun vacation is what your family needs, Australia will not leave you disappointed.

Do not forget to take your children to visit the Royal Botanic Garden and Watson’s Bay.

The Ultimate Guide to Family Vacation in Australia

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If you and your family are particularly interested in natural sceneries, you cannot miss Cairns. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous cities in Australia, beloved and visited by millions of tourists every year.

Your kids can enjoy a ride on the Kuranda Scenic Railway, and they surely will want to learn more about the Great Barrier Reef. Speaking of which, you may consider booking some family experiences to show to your youngest ones one of the world’s most beautiful masterpieces.

Kangaroo Island

One of the reasons why your children might enjoy visiting Australia is to see kangaroos. These animals are indeed exciting, and now you can go and check them out at Kangaroo Island, the third-largest island in Australia.

You will learn a lot of useful information about kangaroos and animals in general at the KI Wildlife Park. In addition, you can find out more about the history of Australia at the Flinders Chase National Park and at the caves in the Kelly Hill Conservation Park. Whenever you wish to take a break from rock formations and go back to learn more about cute animals, you can go and visit the seals at Seal Bay.

The Ultimate Guide to Family Vacation in Australia

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Crocodile spotting in the Northwest

After seeing the cute kangaroos, Australia will also surprise you with a variety of ecosystems, from savannah to mudflats. If you are not afraid of the unknowable wilderness, you shouldn’t miss visiting Australia’s Northern Territory. 

Here you and your little ones will experience nature at its wildest: red-tailed black cockatoos, frogs, red-winged parrots, and saltwater crocodiles are only some of the inhabitants of this place.

Although this may sound like a dangerous area, there are several family hotels nearby where you can freely explore the nature surrounding you. Some of them even offer fan boats, fishing spots, and other activities for all the family.

A final word of advice

Each family is different, and there isn’t a unique idea of the perfect family experience. For example, some people may just want to chill on a beautiful beach and enjoy some worry-free time. On the other hand, other families may just crave adventure and engage in a road trip.

Whatever the plans for your trip to Australia, do not forget to involve your kids as they are truly numerous activities created specifically for children. In this way, they will enjoy the journey more, and you will choose every activity as a group of people who wish to spend some time together, rather than like a couple of adults taking care of their kids.

From a surfing lesson to cuddling with koalas, your children are not going to forget their first trip to Australia any time soon. For this reason, the best gift you can give them is to do everything you can to make their trip adventurous and engaging. 

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