Things You Must Not Forget to Pack Before Your Las Vegas Trip

Las Vegas Trip

Las Vegas, located in the southern tip of Nevada, is popularly known as the Entertainment Capital of the world. Simply known as Vegas, this city is internationally famous for its exquisite resorts, casinos, gambling, shopping, good food, entertainment, and nightlife. Apart from this, major international business conventions are held in Vegas. Some top-rated hotels in Las Vegas are near to the airport, making it easy for tourists. They also offer extravagance and luxury. It is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. Various forms of adult entertainment showcased in the city has earned it the name of ‘sin city’. If you are thinking of traveling to Las Vegas, you must pack the following without fail before you set off to explore its beauty, culture, and traditions.

  • Comfortable walking shoes – Walking cannot be ruled out when in Las Vegas. Walking is the easiest way that tourists find to reach from one place to another, considering the long traffic snarls. For this, you need to pack a comfortable pair of walking shoes. You are most likely to do a lot of walking, especially back and forth the resort and casino. You may feel tempted to carry high heeled and fancy shoes and slippers to match the glitz and glamour of the city, but that will only mean getting blisters and sore feet if you have to walk in it. So do not forget to pack walking shoes alongside these.
  • Shades – You are most likely to find sun everywhere in Vegas as it is in the middle of a desert. Make sure to pack sunglasses in your bag to protect your eyes from the bright sun and to complement your look. Or else you may end up paying exorbitant amount from a local shop in Vegas. Other than protection, sunglasses also offer a cool look and makes for a great fashion statement.
  • Sunscreen – Nobody would want to risk going out in the scorching heat without applying a sunscreen. Moreover, as we all know, Vegas is full of swimming pools, beaches, and promenades where you will be exposed to the sunrays. Pool parties in the daytime are fun, but the sunburn can cause discomfort and mar your appearance. You must pack sunscreen for your Vegas trip. Some hotels and resorts in Vegas do offer sun protection accessories, but the price charged is exorbitantly high. You can buy a small travel kit sunscreen from your home country. A sunhat is another accessory that you can buy to keep yourself away from the heat of the sun.
  • USB Charger – A simple USB cord should be packed in your bag. Most of the time, you will be out, walking, gaming, dining, and casino-ing, which means you will be away from your hotel room wall charger. Phone batteries will run out while you indulge in taking selfies, pictures of the city and sharing them back home with friends and family. While it is, true that you will find charging stations everywhere, even in casinos where you can charge your phone, but it is chargeable.
  • Soft woolen clothes – You might experience cold nights in Las Vegas, contrary to popular belief. Casinos, restaurants, and other indoor tourist spots can be cold even during the summer months. A light jacket or a zipped hoodie can help you prevent from feeling cold in the evenings and nights. Occasionally it does get windy too in the evenings. You can check the forecast and pack the clothes accordingly.
  • Summer outfits – Most of your daily wear in Vegas will comprise of t-shirts, shorts and soft cotton summer casuals. It is also a good idea to have some trendy and smart outfits to wear in restaurants, casinos or in the nightclubs. A formal outfit could come in handy too.
  • Refillable water bottle – Las Vegas, which is located in the middle of a desert, is hot and dry. Walking in the heat is sure to drain you off all your energy. To prevent dehydration, you must carry a water bottle that can be refilled. Buying boiled water in Vegas is expensive. Keep the bottle filled to protect yourself from sunstroke and to save you from paying heavily to buy a bottle of water.
  • A high-quality camera – Your trip to Las Vegas is incomplete without taking pictures of the city as Vegas is beautifully lit especially in the nights. Picture quality is not good with low quality mobile phone cameras. It would be disappointing to look at the pictures, which are unclear and take a good camera to create lifetime memories.
  • A crossbody bag – A tote bag would be a great essential to pack for a woman as well as a man before you undertake a trip to Las Vegas. It can happily accommodate the necessary items such as a camera, water bottle, charger, sunscreen, cash, a diary, pen, jacket and your make up kit. This comes in handy too when you are walking or gaming, as your hands are free. Using a crossbody bag instead of a backpack is a better option because some casinos do not allow you to enter with backpacks. In addition, a crossbody bag ensures the safety of your belongings as you can keep it in front of you, allowing you to keep an eye on it at all times.
  • Medicines – If you are under medication of any sort, do not forget to put the medicines in the bag. It is very likely that you may not get the same medicine as the one from your home country, in Vegas. It is also advisable to carry paracetamols, medicines for common flu and painkillers. You can also note down your physicians’ number in case you meet with an emergency.

When you ensure to pack the following things before heading towards Vegas, you are sure to experience the best time of your life. Your stay will be free of any hassles and will be comfortable, easy and cost-saving.  

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