Tips and Tricks to Writing a Winning College Essay

A winning college essay not only shares valuable information about your personality but does so in an engaging way. As a college applicant, you must convince the school’s representatives that you deserve to be accepted into that program. But how should you do that? Check out these nine strategies to use and write a top-notch piece.

Use the Introduction to Capture Attention  

The person reading your application documents should be fascinated by your essay from the word go. So have a strong opening, and they will keep reading. Including a hook in the form of an insightful question, a recent statistic, or an amusing anecdote are some ways to start an essay strong. Overall ensure your introduction is engaging yet brief. It should preview what the body section of the paper shall be talking about.

Work With an Expert

Not all students have excellent writing skills. Some don’t know how to communicate their ideas on paper. In such cases, it’s ideal to first work with an experienced writer before attempting to compose the essay on your own. Sending a “write my essay 4 me” request will assist you in getting an expert who can give you samples of well-written work that you can use as a guide.

Nonetheless, experienced writers were once college students and now know what the officers will be looking for. Thus seeking their help is the right step in ensuring you turn a flawless piece.

Stick to One Topic

If the essay is off-topic, it will lose the officer’s interest. Besides, when you introduce several ideas, it leads to confusion and boredom. Creating an outline will help your writing focus on one interesting idea. Furthermore, ensure each paragraph talks about one thing and keep it brief. That way, you can get your message across without causing even the most alert admissions officer to fall asleep.


Start Early

You are waiting until the last few days to start answering the prompt means you’ll be doing the writing and editing in a rush. That can translate to a poorly written essay that fails to meet all the academic standards. Worst case scenario, you can miss the deadline.  

If you’re running out of time, seek the help of writemyessays experts known to work fast without compromising on the expected quality. Otherwise, you can easily avoid last-minute rush and unnecessary pressure by writing the essay months before the submission date.

Cut the Boring Parts Out of Your Story

College applicants often make the mistake of assuming that their admission essay is an academic paper and should be boring. Unfortunately, making this mistake can cause your application to be on the rejection list.

So reread your essay and cut out the boring parts, especially sentences that don’t reveal anything about your personality or help to answer the prompt. Ensure the admissions officer stays engaged from start to finish, and don’t be afraid to trim away and rewrite boring parts.

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Check the Quality

Run-on sentences, fluff, grammatical errors, and not answering the prompt question will lower the quality of the essay. That is why it’s essential to review what you’ve written about at least two times before submitting. If you’re unsure about what a high-quality academic paper should look like, read 7 Simple Tips for Writing an Essay like a Pro – Techykeeday, which points to how content should be presented.


Mind Your Essay Length

Students with so much to say often surpass the requested essay length. If you submit such an essay, it may be rejected for failing to meet the instructions. When submitting it through an app, the extra words containing your most convincing arguments can be cut off.  

Planning your essay before writing is advantageous as it ensures you have assigned a specific word count to each paragraph. It also eliminates the common mistake of exceeding the word limit.  

Don’t Forget to Format.

Vary the sentence length to alert the officer and make your writing more visually appealing. But don’t forget to get your message quickly in a way that’s easy to comprehend. Be specific to ensure the reader is not confused. Finally, remember to check for unnecessary words and formatting problems.

Reveal Something Unexpected

Your introduction will reveal the message you intend to communicate, but one way to impress the board is to divulge something fascinating in the body paragraph. It could be a vulnerability or a life-changing moment. Ensure what is revealed gives you an edge over other highly talented applicants. If you recall an event, ensure it’s important to you and reflect on how the experience changed you or taught you a valuable lesson.

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