Tips to Keep Your Flower Bouquet Fresh for Longer Period


We have all been there. Whether you have received a bouquet of beautiful flowers online or just bought it on your own to add a refreshing touch to your home decor, the first concern that comes to mind is how long they will last. But you do not need to worry because now you can keep your bouquet fresh and lively for a long time with a few simple tricks. Here are some:

Choose Fresh Flowers

Whether purchased online or offline, the very first step to keeping your bouquet of flowers fresh and healthy begins with choosing the right florist. It is important to pick a highly rated and trusted shop.


Next, ensure you choose the ones with firm stems and vibrant appeal. Avoid flowers that look even a little discolored because fresh flowers tend to last longer, especially when they are in your care.

Trim the Stems

As you arrange your flowers in a vase, it is important to trim their stems a little. Cutting them at a diagonal angle allows the blooms to absorb water better.


Also, make sure that you remove leaves that are below the waterline because excess foliage in water promotes bacterial growth, resulting in shorter flower lives.

Use Clean Water

Clean water helps nourish the flowers. Fill your vase or bowl with fresh filtered water to avoid chemicals harming the flowers.


Change the water every two days or whenever it starts to look cloudy.   

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Place your vase away from direct sunlight, in heating vents, and near open windows. A cool environment helps flowers thrive and makes them look fresh and happy.


Exposure to heat can cause any floral arrangement to wilt faster. Keeping them cool is really important if you want your flowers to stay fresh for a long time.

Addition of Flower Food

These days, many florists provide flower food for prolonged freshness and nourishment of your flowers.


In case they don’t, you can make your flower food with a teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of bleach. The sugar is food for your flowers, and the bleach prevents bacterial growth.

Aluminium Foil Wrap

Before adding water and arranging the blooms, cover the inside of your vase with aluminum foil.


The foil will reflect light and keep the heat away from the stems, giving your beautiful bunch a cooling effect and allowing it to thrive for longer.

Change the Water Regularly

As mentioned above, changing water when it gets cloudy is very important. Not only does it help prevent bacterial growth, but it also ensures that your flowers have clean and oxygenated water.


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Clean water can also give your vase a whole new look. The clean water gives them new life even if the flowers are old by a few days.

Remove Wilting Flowers

Despite all the efforts, some flowers may still wilt but you don’t need to worry. In such a situation, you have to remove them from the bunch.


Wilting flowers release ethylene gas, leading to the aging of other flowers. Thus, removing them allows you to enjoy the beauty of the remaining flowers.

Rejuvenate with Ice

For some flowers like hydrangeas and tulips, ice cubs work like magic. If you have bought them, place ice cubes at the bottom of the vase and keep the blooms fresh for longer.


The ice cubes will melt gradually, cooling and preventing them from wilting.

Avoid Overcrowding the Vase

When arranging the bunch in your vase, give each flower enough space to breathe. Overcrowding can result in competition for water and oxygen. You have to give them enough space to spread out so they last longer and also showcase a beautiful visual appeal.


So, the next time you are surprised with a bouquet of flowers or buy an arrangement online from the nearby market, follow the above tricks to enjoy their beauty for a long time. These easy steps will keep your blooms vibrant and beautiful, adding a natural touch to your surroundings. Go ahead and buy as many flowers as you want without worrying about their longevity!

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