Tired of the Same Old Here are new Hobbies to Discover

Tired of the Same Old Here are new Hobbies to Discover
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It often seems as if there are only a limited number of sports you can take part in at your local park or sports center. Football, tennis, basketball- maybe a little dodgeball if you’re lucky? But for the person looking for a new hobby that’s a little more out there, it can be difficult to know just exactly where to start. However, here in this article, we’re going to go through a few interesting options to consider. Ranging from new and exciting extreme sports to some other activities with an edge of true adventure to them, making it a little easier for anyone sick to death of the “mainstream” sports and hobbies and looking to try out something with a little more edge to it.


This is an interesting and very unconventional one; Geo-caching is an international phenomenon whereby “hunters” leave electronic devices around cities as a form of “treasure hunt.” On these devices are clues and riddles that must be deciphered in order to find the next. Of course, it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to pick up this hobby if you live out in the countryside – but if you’re a resident in even a slightly major town or city, you can easily check to see whether or not there are any geo-caching options in your area via the internet. This hobby is a must for anyone who likes the sound of a classic treasure hunt like you might find in an Indiana Jones or National Treasure movie, or anyone who is keen for a little bit of an intellectual challenge. Plus, as you’ll be racing all over your town or city, you might get to see some interesting parts of it that you never even knew existed.

Stunt Scootering

For the hobbyist a little more inclined toward the extreme side of things, you might consider taking up stunt scootering. This sport is rapidly gaining popularity and essentially is just what the name describes- doing amazing stunts on the back of a specially-designed scooter. Blazer Pro Scooters are highly customizable, so you can feel you’ve got a scooter that really reflects who you are. They are known for producing value for money scooters of mid-level quality, so are perfect if you’re just trying out this new hobby. An extensive list of options can be found at Skates, the Blazer Pro scooter collection is highly regarded due to its reliability and affordability, ideal for beginners or novices.  

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Rock Climbing

While the equipment required can be a little on the expensive side, the views are worth it. Rock-climbing is a highly rewarding sport, as it not only works wonders for your physical fitness, but you can say to everyone that you can literally scale mountains. After that, there’s little you’ll feel you can’t-do. In fact, the virtues of rock-climbing have long been recorded. Check out if there are any clubs or societies in your area that offer taster sessions, strap into that harness, and start climbing. However, for beginners, you should sign up for lessons at a nearby inside climbing wall in a climbing center. Therefore, you can build confidence without the risks of climbing outside. Once you’re happy with your skills, it’s time to scale the real mountains.

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