Top 10 Products Everyone Is Buying Because of Instagram

Top 10 Products Everyone Is Buying Because of Instagram

Instagram has become the eCommerce dream – so much so that online stores, especially aimed at women, simply won’t prosper unless they have an entire advertising strategy devoted to the world’s most popular photo-sharing platform. 

There are quite a few products that do very well out of Instagram marketing and could probably put the majority of their sales down to channeling customers through the app alone.

These are the top items that sell well on Instagram: have you bought any of these?

High-End Makeup

How many of us would know about Anastasia Beverly Hills if it weren’t for Instagram? Nowadays it’s impossible to scroll your feed without people showing off their beautiful new Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palettes and KKW contour sticks, causing serious FOMO and having us diving into the nearest Sephora to splash on the latest releases…

Pretty Phone Cases

Get yourself an out-there iPhone case from Skinny Dip or Casely and instantly update your mirror pics to the standard of the Insta in-crowd. They offer glittery, fluffy, patterned, marble-effect, mermaid-style cases – there’s almost too much choice.

Makeup Brushes

Girls go crazy over Morphe professional brushes and the beautifully packaged Spectrum brush sets. We never owned so many makeup brushes as when we started discovering new ones through Instagram!

Finger Grip Phone Rings

Especially for large phones like the newest iPhone X, phone rings come in amazingly useful for being able to take photos without holding it with both hands! Rings can be used as phone stands or just to make big handsets easier to hold. No more dropping and smashing your smartphone screen with this invention, made famous by the one-and-only Instagram.


A slightly more permanent trend perpetuated by our favorite photo-sharing app is tattoos. We all follow at least one tattoo artist on Instagram, even if we don’t have any tats ourselves! Intricate, pretty skin artwork is all over the platform, making more and more of us want one. It’s become the #1 way to track down the artist you want to do your ink when you’re considering a tat, as you can easily view their entire portfolio at a glance.  If you are looking for temporary tattoos you can search Instagram for ideas of where to get them done or fun designs.

Fashion Trends

Market Week reported that in an interview with Instagram’s director of marketing operations, he said that research shows one in three of the social network’s users has bought an item of clothing they’ve seen on the website – making it an incredibly lucrative marketing tool for clothing stores especially. We’ve certainly done this… have you?

Vacation Destinations

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Hands up if you’ve seen someone’s vacation pics on Instagram and instantly wanted to go there… of course, have. But how many of us have actually had our vacation destinations influenced purely through the platform, and gone to a place we’ve not considered before because it looked so good online?

Selfie Ring Lights

Another product developed specifically for, and largely advertised on, Insta is the selfie ring light. They are the compact mirror-sized portable lights that clip onto the top of your phone to illuminate your face, providing the perfect lighting for taking professional-looking selfies anywhere. Never be caught out with great makeup but bad lighting again.  

Hair Vitamins

A surprising health supplement that has taken newsfeeds by storm is vitamins that promise longer, stronger hair. These can be seen endorsed all over your timeline from huge international celebrity personalities like the Kardashian-Jenners. They’ve become the staple of all Insta-influencers – you know you’ve made it as an online celeb when you’ve got a sponsorship from brands like Sugar Bear Hair.

Swatch Stencils

No beauty blogger’s job is complete without swatch photos these days, and more and more MUAs are turning to stencils to get theirs on-point. The stencils stick onto the skin, in any shape of your choosing, so you can fill it in with makeup then remove the stencil to produce a perfect swatch. Amateur swatches won’t be tolerated – remember when Kim K tried to do hers for the first time and was pounced on by beauty pros? Don’t let that be you; go with a stencil!

Instagram has become the eCommerce dream, everywhere you look there is Advertising photography.

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