Top 5 Places to Visit in England Besides the Usual London

Top 5 Places to Visit in England Besides the Usual London

On this planet, there are few nations that can fascinate us more with their cultural heritage and potential projects than the all-known British Isles ‘ renowned king-England. From interesting Birmingham Christmas trips to pleasant walks by the ocean next to Brighton, we’ll offer you thoughts on today’s post so you can choose an optimal place for the greatest English getaway trip that you’ve ever had outside the usual London.


As the second most significant commercial hub in England, Birmingham can pose something exciting for anyone willing to discover what England can offer. From interesting Christmas parties in Birmingham and amazing cruises in a city that has more miles of canals than Venice. You will also find some blended modern sci-fi architecture along with identifiable red brick houses and shiny shopping centers, hidden cocktail clubs, microbreweries, a state-of-the-art library (which certainly jumps to the must-see list) and, last but not least, world-class restaurants among the scenic canals.
In just 1 hour and 25 minutes by bus from London, you can find yourself in the city of Birmingham located in the heart of the Midlands. The town also has its own airline with immediate fares from several major UK and European places.


Top 5 Places to Visit in England Besides the Usual London

Manchester is generally called the North’s capital inofficially. It is considered to be the football capital of the world and the industrial revolution’s birthplace. The center of the town has an infectious “buzz” with trendy restaurants, great stores, bars, traditional pubs, venues, museums, and galleries. This multicultural town has a famous China Town, Curry Mile, and a Gay Village in terms of diversity. 

The architecture of the city also displays a range of styles. With Gothic, Roman and Georgian constructions, ultra-modern buildings are mixed. It’s a fantastic blend. And an ideal destination for the weekend.

Do not miss a visit to two of the most beautiful houses in the city: the Town Hall and the John Rylands Library. Manchester is often the first destination for all those who, thanks to its perfect airport location, want to relocate to southern England, Scotland or Wales.


If you’re just going on a one day trip from London, Brighton is probably one of the greatest trips you can make (although I think you should stay here forever). It’s difficult to comprehend that you can just hop from London on an hour’s train trip and then get a taste of the beach life in California. Or that is how it feels. Brighton reminds me of one of my favorite locations on earth: Santa Monica. It has a pebble beach, not a sandy one, and the weather is a bit warmer-but otherwise it’s so Cali!

A pier packed with rides, sights, and candy made of cotton. The beach is performed with volleyball and basketball. Street musicians always light the atmosphere and you’ll find lots of adorable stores, cafes, and restaurants along the waterfront. Grab the takeaway fish and chips and sit down by the ocean to admire the soul healing view.

Oh and yes, Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the lovely Brighton’s Royal Pavilion, record-breaking British Airways i360, and forget to explore the city’s unique shops. 

Newcastle upon Tyne

Top 5 Places to Visit in England Besides the Usual London

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Known for the Geordie Shore and its nightlife, this crowded northern town is really enjoyable to attend. Newcastle on Tyne is linked by seven famous crossings across the Tyne River to Gateshead’s twin town. The town itself is packed with refreshing shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Start your day with a stroll along the quaint quay, dine in the cozy Cook House container, tour the fine art gallery and the Biscuit Factory, go on a walking journey to Northumberland Street and pursue great vegan and gluten-free food in the beautiful Herb Garden Restaurant under the rice-lamp heavens.

But the best of all is the nightlife in Newcastle that was also elected as one of the finest in the UK on numerous occasions. Discovering pleasant cocktail clubs and pubs in Newcastle is very straightforward when the city is a host to the liveliest British club scene outside of London. Also, this city remains a nice starting point to further explore Northumberland and Durham and Edinburgh is also a one-and-a-half-hour north train trip.


Top 5 Places to Visit in England Besides the Usual London

From football and the  Beatles Story to cinematic streets, Britain’s largest cathedral, and the world-famous harbor. Liverpool is often considered one of the friendliest cities in the UK. And it’s hard not to fall in love with the atmosphere! Just try to spend a few hours around the Albert Dock (Liverpool’s cultural heart) and you will understand what I mean.


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