Top 5 Tips to Increase the Life of Engine of the Car

Top 5 Tips to Increase the Life of Engine of the Car

Today the mechanical reliability of our cars is very high, and they are prepared to operate many thousands of kilometers with short maintenance. But we can always take care of it a little better to get it to work properly for longer and at the same time avoid possible breakdowns. We will see a series of precautions that, if we become customary, will help us to achieve it.

With good maintenance at Auto Shop Tucson and without spending much money, we can extend the life of our engine. The engine is the heart of all the cars. That’s why in Autology, we have given ourselves the task of collecting five useful tips to extend the life of the engine and not having to go through bad times as expensive repairs that could prevent proper maintenance.

A car is a good that must be taken care of if you want it to be an investment and not a permanent expense. No matter the model, the reality is that there are basic tips to improve the performance of your car and extend the life of your vehicle:

  1. Check spark plugs and wires

This is the most important step because these cables run the energy that is responsible for generating the spark to ignite the mixture of air and gasoline in the combustion chamber. If these cables were to be mistreated, the energy would not be distributed properly to the spark plugs, and the engine will have to do a greater to achieve combustion.

  1. Replace the necessary filters

The most common but less attended problems come from the gasoline filter. And this fact is because we do not give the necessary importance to this device that ensures that the gasoline enters the clean combustion chamber. If the filter will become broken or damaged and allows particles or impurities to enter the combustion chamber, we can damage the internal elements of the block and even cover the injectors. A filter is a good condition equals good combustion.

  1. Load gasoline before reaching the minimum

One of the bad habits is to keep the fuel meter to a minimum and then recharge. In this case, we let the fuel pump absorb all impurities that have settled in the tank over time. That’s why one of the main reasons is that your engine runs like new. Do not keep the fuel meter to the minimum and try to charge the fuel before the mark reaches one-quarter of the tank.

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  1. Change the oil regularly

This is one of the key aspects of engine maintenance because oil is the fluid that lubricates the internal parts of the engine to reduce overheating and wear. When the oil starts its life, it leaves dangerous residues inside. Besides, it does not work properly anymore. Therefore, a regular oil change is of great importance if we want to extend the life of our engine. A regular period of an oil change is every 5,000 km, although modern synthetic oils allow up to 10,000 km.

  1. Avoid rough handling

Yes, it is true that the engines, especially the high-performance ones, are made for “fast” operation. However, an engine works better if it has a constant operation. It is not good if the block suddenly accelerates or brakes abruptly, because the engine wears on the inner parts, which make the engine unsuitable in the medium term. The good thing will be if you try to achieve constant use. Depending on which type of vehicle we have in our hands, you will also benefit from additional fuel savings.

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