Top Offbeat Places to Visit in Dubai

Top Offbeat Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is a land of wonders full of major tourist hotspots. A dazzling man-made marvel, it is a perfect destination for people looking for excitement, retail therapy or those who enjoy architectural marvels. The city is known for its huge malls, uber-luxury hotels, sand dunes, exciting theme parks and more. Everywhere you go in Dubai, or the things you experience, you will come back with the feeling of grandeur. Most tourists or travelers might not know that Dubai is not just about the tall skyscrapers or shopping. It has other unique experiences and sites as well. Getting to Dubai is not going to be a problem with major airlines flying there. Check one-stop options too as they might come at a lower price. You can check out Pune to Dubai flights bookings and pick one with your favorite airline. Here are some attractions if you are looking for an experience beyond malls and amusement parks.

The Kite beach – Probably the best choice for water adventure seekers. A great spot for sunbathers, the beach lies to the south of Jumeirah beach. It has a lot of water sports adventure companies. You will get equipment and instructors pretty easily at the beach. You can enjoy stand-up paddle boarding and water kite surfing. Kitesurfing makes up for a great colorful site. And if you are not into water sports fret not, spend a lazy day at the beach sunbathing.  Enjoy the great views of the Burj Al Arab while you are at it.

The Dubai Heritage village – Won’t it be fun to know about the heritage of the city you have always seen and known as a glossy urban marvel? Visit the heritage village and see how life was in Dubai in the older times. Get to experience the two main economic stays in those times – pearl diving and construction of dhow (a boat used in the Arabian region); the heritage village has exhibits of both. Immerse yourself in the lifestyle and traditions of the Bedouins. You will also find handicrafts and a traditional coffee house at the village. Traditional music and dance is also performed from October to April. And if you are inquisitive about traditional healing, there is plenty for you too.        

Indoor skydiving  – There’s real skydiving too at Dubai, but a lot of us might not gather enough courage to do it. This is for kids and for anyone who is scared of heights. Get your own version of skydiving at the wind tunnel. For the most part you are just a few feet above the ground, and if you are feeling a little more adventurous then there’s always the real thing.  

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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – Want to check out the world’s largest carpet? You will find it here. The prayer room covers 60,000 square feet of area with the world’s largest carpet. But this is not the only amazing thing about the mosque. The prayer room also has an awe-inspiring chandelier all decked-up in Swarovski crystals. It is grand in all respects and is a fine testimony of Dubai’s opulence, growth and its obsession with ‘having it all.’

This man-made marvel is to be seen to be believed. Get your best pair of walking shoes, and book a flight from Pune to Dubai or from Mumbai or Delhi and find out what makes Dubai so popular.    

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