Traffic Laws You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Traffic Laws You Probably Didn't Know Existed
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It is true that there are some weird laws that have probably been on the books since the founding of the republic — or at least the founding of the town — that no one has troubled to repeal. They probably have something to do with horseshoes or the height of cobblestones. But here are a bunch of very weird traffic laws that are still extant. The driver breaks them at their peril if it’s possible.

In California, it is illegal for a woman to drive a car while wearing a bathrobe or a housecoat. There’s no mention of whether it is illegal for a man to do the same.

In Kansas, pedestrians must wear tail lights at night. This means that the pedestrian has to buy a tail light, attach it to their person and make sure that it works.

It is illegal to run out of gas in Youngstown, Ohio.

It is illegal to drive a black car on Sunday in Denver, Colorado.

If you tie an elephant, a goat or an alligator to a parking meter in Florida, the driver must feed the meter the way they would if they’d parked a car beside it. This must have something to do with the circus.

At night in Pennsylvania, a driver must stop every mile, send up fireworks and wait 10 minutes for a herd of cows or sheep or whatever they are to cross the highway. Then, they are allowed to continue to the next mile. Another weird thing a driver must do in Pennsylvania is to pull over when they see a team or horses, cover their car, and allow the horses the right of way. If the horses are still nervous, the driver has to take their car apart and toss the pieces under the bushes.

It is against the law in Rhode Island to pass without making a noise. This is not limited to the honking of the horn. Any noise will do. It’s also against the law to race a horse down a highway.

A Louisiana man has to wave a flag in front of his wife’s car before she’s allowed to drive it.

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Many of the weird laws go into effect at night, including this one. In Illinois, a car can’t be driven at night without a person bearing a lantern walking before it. The driver also cannot be alone in the car and cannot drive faster than the lantern-bearer, who must be on foot. It is also against the law to drive a car that lacks a steering wheel.

Spitting out of a car or a bus is against the law in Marietta, Georgia, but a person can spit out of a truck.

It is understandable that there are laws against drunk driving everywhere, but in Texas, driving within an arm’s length of booze is against the law. That includes the alcohol that is in the blood stream of a passenger. The driver also has to have windshield wipers to register their car, even though they don’t have to have a windshield.

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kate g
kate g

Those are so funny, that makes my day. It’s hard to imagine people sitting at a table and seriously putting these laws together and then voting them into law. I have to assume that something had to instigate them, some are a sign of the times like the lantern and some decency, like the spitting…but how often do you think someone actually tied an elephant, a goat or an alligator to a parking meter? That is just nuts.

Maryann D.
Maryann D.

Wow, it is really interesting to read some of the laws! I would have never imagined them to be true.


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