Trendy Cutlery And Silverware Brands Of 2020

Trendy Cutlery

We all look at those Home Depot articles and magazines. We all browse through Pinterest for ideas and inspirations and DIYs. We all dream of having a perfect house. We look at the sofas and cushions when we go to a friend’s house and ask them where they got it from. We all run to the stores to buy household items especially when they are on the sale’s rack. We dream of perfection. We dream of plush sofas with woven throws and fancy different textured cushions on them. We dream of marble staircases and paintings hanging from our walls. We dream of the perfect patio furniture and of innovative shoe racks and different wall hanging.

We dream of the perfect kitchen with beautiful pots and pans in reds, blues, and yellows. We dream of aesthetic mugs and everything that can be unique and different. Everyone does this so naturally, there is a lot of competition and you need to remain at the top of your game. This means that you need to do something that others don’t which would be to do research. Let’s start with trendy cutlery and silverware brands of 2020. From Stanley Rogers Albany to Lenox; there are a lot of brands out there that take care of the responsibility of creating the perfect silverware and cutlery. These are brands that ensure you 100% results and that don’t let you down. They have a very high customer turnover rate and know the game they are playing. So here are the top brands, pick and one and head to their shop!

Stanley Rogers

Stanley Rogers is a very famous Australian brand and lets me just say WOW! It is absolutely beautiful. It is surely at the top of its game. They have products that can change the game of your kitchen completely. They have a very wide range so you can have various options and decide upon whatever pleases your aesthetic. They also have a price range from low to high so you can shop within your comfort zone.  They have been at it since 1930 so it is safe to say that they are highly experienced. Their range consists of a lot of different colors and tones. They come in colors the likes of Chelsea Onyx, Chelsea Copper, Soho Onyx, Soho Gold, and Soho Copper and so on. So, head over to their website and gift your kitchen with Stanley Rogers.


Lenox is an American company with a lot of other brands under it such as Reed and Barton and Dansk. They are America’s leading brand and their top choice. Lenox sells pretty much everything, from tabletop giftware to cutlery and silverware. They come in a lot of different styles and patterns engraved on the stems. They have silverware categories where some have swirls on them or some have floral designs on them. They come in different categories with the names of ‘’Opal Innocence’’, ‘’Federal Platinum’’, ‘’Vintage Jewel’’ and so on. They also have a new collection that they just introduced called ‘’Gold’’. As the name depicts, this collection focuses primarily on gold products. They have rose gold, bright gold and so on. Overall, the collection is beautiful and something that you must have. If not for yourself then for someone to gift to. They can the perfect wedding gif or house warming gift or a casual gift for your best friend or sister or mother. So, do not waste time and head over to their store.


Knork is a very special brand. They are a class apart from the usual silverware and cutlery brands. Knork is a brand that specializes in ergonomic designs that come off as the most natural way of eating. They have a very comfortable and adaptable design. They have paring knives and steak knives with curved stems to provide maximum comfort and ease while using. Thus, Knork products are twofold. They have a beautiful collection with stainless steel sets and glossy looks. They also have a simpler range with bright colored handles if you do not want to go with the sleek and chic look but rather want a pop of color in your kitchen. So, Knork provides you with 2 in 1; beauty and comfort, which is why you need to head over to their shops and websites and stock up.

Mint Pantry

Mint Pantry is slowly climbing up the ladder. It has pretty much everything and a very unique range. They have the perfect items that would light up your kitchen and give your kitchen a very funky and beautiful twist. They have kitchenware in very different and symmetrical designs. They have designs in ovals, squares and so on. They also have a very different finish to their products that gives the whole collection of Mint Pantry an edge. They have rustic looking plates, they have white mugs with different colored bases, and they have teacup sets with patterns inside of them. They have bowls that have a grainy finish and also bowls that are sleek and polished and smooth to the touch. They have all colors; from pitch black and pure whites to bright reds and navy blues. They also have plates with a marble effect on them.

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Similarly, they have knives and forks with patterned and marble effect stems and handles. Basically, they have it all. You will find the most diverse collection ever. So, the next trip that you plan with your girlfriend should be by their shop. 


The thing about LIANYU is that it is the most budget-friendly brand out there. If you are not on the best days financially but need to host a few friends and need urgent cutlery and silverware then this is the perfect place to stop by. Their silverware consists of designs that are very comfortable and while they are sleek and smooth, they are also very basic. But that is not a bad thing because even if they are nothing extraordinary, there finish is so smooth and shiny that it looks beautiful. 


All of these brands discussed above are at the top of their game as of 2020. They are not hard to find and have outlets in a lot of places and most of them deliver too. These brands are known for their best services and have gained the trust of their clientele over the years. So, go out with your friends or family or sit on your laptop and browse through everything. Find what suits you best and make your kitchen just like that of the home depot magazines. 

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