Tribute Video from My Husband to His Father

My husband lost his Dad, Bill Willis to cancer this past Friday. Luckily Rog & Abbey were able to go down in December and see his Dad and family. Roger put together this tribute video with pictures accumulated from his niece, Michelle Por, his sister-in-law, Carolyn Willis along with a few other photos. Thank you for watching.

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  • Death is indeed inevitable. I’m so sorry for your lost. My prayers for you and to your entire family, especially for the eternal repose of your in-law’s soul. God be with you always.

  • These is indeed a very touching story. Death is really inevitable. For sure he’s a good father, a father-in-law, a brother and a grandfather the song says it all. You’re always in our prayers.

  • Oh … Becky. I am so sorry for your loss. *BIG HUG*

    I lost my grandfather 3 years ago (February 25th). I was 7-months pregnant and my son was born exactly 2 MONTHS to the day after my grandfather passed. Every single day when I look at my son I think about how they JUST missed meeting. It kills me.. It really does. I know “he’s watching over him”.. and all that. But it isn’t the same; it has gotten easier.. but I miss him so much.

    This video is beautiful! He looks like he was an amazing man and surely he is up there with my grandfather reading our blogs 🙂 ~ I like to think that my grandpa reads my blog along with my grandma (list in June to breast cancer). I was wondering where all those pageviews came from that said “Heaven” 🙂

    Feel good and I’m here if you ever need a keyboard to cry on <3 <3

    * xoxo *

    • Thank you Nicole! This was actually my husband’s father. I lost my Grandpa Ryan 11 years ago Christmas Day, and then his wife, my Grandma Ryan a year ago Christmas eve… so I totally understand! Thank you once again!

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