Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for a Friend

Buying birthday gifts for friends can be quite difficult, especially if you are conscious of not buying them the same thing year after year. This year, why not go for something totally unique and memorable, by choosing a shop you haven’t heard of before to buy their gift from?

This will mean that their gift is totally unique and personal and that you will also be supporting smaller businesses. Here are some great ideas if you are struggling for inspiration this year. 

Some One-of-a-Kind Jewellery

Jewelry may seem like an obvious choice, but if you try and pick out some jewelry that is truly one of a kind, it is definitely going to be different to anything your friend owns or has seen before. If you know someone who is a big fan of BTS, the Army Pendant necklace would be the perfect gift for them. You can easily buy it at armymerchshop.com. This necklace is something that will be a special reminder for your friend and will last them a lifetime. This will put much more meaning behind the gift and seem as though you thought of them personally when picking it out.

Why not check out this incredible Brixton jewellery shop for some designs that you won’t see anywhere else? This jewellery shop based in South London uses the most gorgeous crystals and stones which are completely original and natural. Look for earrings, necklaces, rings, or even some solo crystals depending on what suits your friend’s taste the most. However, make sure the crystals are all ethically sourced, so you don’t have to worry about what’s behind your purchase!

Handmade Pottery

Handmade pottery is a lovely gift to get for someone, especially as you will be supporting solo artists. The pandemic has meant that the art industry has suffered a little, so why not put your money towards something that will really make someone’s day? It is great to know that your gift has been specially hand crafted by someone, rather than just having been rolled out in a factory.

Here are some of the best UK based handmade pottery companies, so whether you are looking for a mug, a vase or some new plates, they have it all! You could even have a go at making pottery yourself one day, by going along to a pottery making class. 

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A Home Ornament

You will probably know what your friend’s house looks like better than a lot of people, so you will be a great judge when buying an ornament for their home. This could be a sculpture or some glassware – whatever it is, make sure it suits their vibe! This is the perfect thing to put on top of a shelf or on a mantlepiece.

Ornaments are an example of something which really transform a house into a home – quirks like this make a place unique. Ornaments are the type of thing that people often forget to buy for themselves too, so they will make a great gift for a wonderful friend! 

Whether it be for a birthday, for Christmas, an anniversary or even just as a little friendship token, buying presents for friends is so satisfactory. These will end up being items that they keep for life, and they’ll think of you whenever they look at the present. 

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