Ways to Monitor Your Kid’s Cell Phone Use

Ways to Monitor Your Kid’s Cell Phone Use

We are living in a digital world and the kids are not left out when it comes to technology. Although many parents have allowed their kids access to cell phones, their only concern is the safety of the kids while they are using the cell phones.

Thankfully, most cell phones have settings for parents to adjust operations and abilities on the cell phone. However, there are kids who are smarter such that they are able to change these settings and access content which is unsuitable for them.

Before you allow your kids to use a cell phone, it is crucial to talk to your kids so that they can use their cell phones responsibly. For kids that are smarter when using cell phones, you can use a monitoring system to check on what they are doing on their cell phones. If you are an iPhone user, there is good news for you; with parental control Keylogger for iPhone, you can easily monitor the smart kids to keep tabs on their activities.

It is advisable to discuss with your kids earlier before you allow them to use Smartphones even if you are going to monitor their activities, it is good to make them know that you are monitoring them.

Below are ways to monitor your kid’s cell phone use.

  1.    Have a discussion with your kids

First things first, your kids are still new to the technology world, they are not aware of what the internet can do to them, they even are naïve about how to use it in the first place. This means that they will either use it well or use it inappropriately. First, social media is where they will head when you allow them to use cell phones. Remember without telling them that there are things they should not share, they can even share nude pictures. Talk about social media addiction and let them know how it can even affect their studies, how cyberbullying can affect them emotionally. Educate your kids about the dangers that they can face when using their cell phones to access the internet.  Finally, you should let them know that you own the phone and you can take it away from them when they use it inappropriately.

  1.    Adjust parental controls

Most of the Smartphones on the market today have parental control restrictions in the settings. Before you give your kids a Smartphone, ensure to toggle parental control settings such that your child cannot be able to access the web browsers or camera, limit the permissions to install or delete particular applications, as well as restricting them from accessing social media. These restrictions should be aimed at only letting your kids access only the basics uses of Smartphones like making calls, sending messages and if possible listen to online radio stations. You can set passwords for such applications so that whenever you kids want to access such applications they are required to enter passwords, however, these passwords should only be known to you alone.

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Lastly, you should avoid taking the cell phone away from them completely. Ensure you let them know that you are doing all this for their own benefit to ensure they are safe.


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