Ways to De-Clutter Your Bedroom


You will hardly enjoy a good night’s sleep if your bedroom is cluttered, small, and untidy. While most homeowners think that the kitchen is the most important space that should always be neat and tidy, bedrooms are essential resting places that deserve similar treatment. Nearly all articles guiding people on how to avoid common sleeping problems stress the importance of a good bed, mattress selection, and a peaceful environment to sleep.

Therefore, regardless of your bedroom setup, be it a studio apartment or a traditional setup, keeping it clutter-free is of utmost importance. Below are some insightful ways to achieve a clutter-free bedroom.

1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Things from Your Room

The first step of de-cluttering your bedroom is removing all the unnecessary items. Walk around with a trash bag and collect all the garbage from your room. This should include anything lying around, ruined clothes, linens, and broken items. If you are unsure what to throw away, have a “maybe” trash bag. Also, you don’t have to throw away everything in the room. Begin by sweeping the room and focus on removing garbage.

Following this, remove anything that doesn’t belong to the bedroom. These include any paperwork, loose change, and dishes, which rarely miss in a bedroom setting. Clear out areas that are often out of sight, such as under the bed and between furniture. To accomplish this effectively, remove all these items entirely from your bedroom. You should then take some time to put these items in their designated spots, to avoid transferring clutter into another room.

Once the visible parts of your bedroom are clear, shift your focus to the drawers. Work on the drawers one by one, removing all its contents. Take time and possibly arrange the contents in categories, as either “keep,” “donate,” or “garbage.” Do this process for all drawers and return the necessary items to the drawer. You should then discard any garbage items into the trash, and the donate pile into a bag for later consideration.

With your drawers clutter-free, it is time to work on the wardrobe. Begin with a category, say tops or pants, and keep all clothes that you frequently wear at the surface. Unlike items from the drawer, have two piles for clothes. You can either keep or donate those that are no longer fitting. You should do the same with your shoes, bags, accessories, and closets.

While doing this, be careful to avoid hoarding. Hoarding many items affects not only your quality of life but also the life of those around you. Always put up clothes and belongings that you don’t use for donations.

2. Clean and Re-Organize Your Bedroom

Having removed all the unnecessary items, the next step to enjoying a clutter-free room is conducting thorough cleaning and organization. Begin by sweeping and mopping or vacuuming the floors of the room. For a seamless clean, you can consider removing the furniture to facilitate cleaning the floor. Also, wipe off any surfaces with disinfecting wipes, dust the walls, and corners.

Secondly, think of how to rearrange the bedroom furniture into a new organization. Doing this always makes your bedroom appear as a new space, which feels fresh and comforting. Start by finding a new position for your bed then rearrange the rest of the bedroom furniture around the bed. Consider placing your bed out of the corner and centered along one of the bedroom walls.

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3. Organize the Drawer and Closet

You should then proceed to organize your closet. Most clutter originates from lack of enough space in the closet. If your current closet has only one bar or a single shelf, conduct a makeover to provide multiple storage spaces. If you have many items, store the excess and off-season belongings in storage organizers or another room to de-clutter the bedroom.

The best way of organizing your closet is by using drawer dividers. Dividers will make it possible to utilize drawer space perfectly by keeping items vaguely related together. For instance, you can keep loose hygiene products in one section, electronics in one section, and more. You should also set aside some space for paperwork. Like electronics, paperwork is often overlooked obstacles that clutter the bedroom. Depending on the amount of paperwork you require, you can consider installing a filing cabinet to keep all the paperwork in order.

Lastly, opt for shelves to keep your floors clutter-free. You can keep various miscellaneous items together in an organized way within the shelves. Always place the shelves off the ground to avoid knocking them around.

Bottom Line

Following the steps above can help you achieve a clutter-free bedroom, which is very conducive for restful sleeping, especially on your comfortable mattress. Similarly, you should take the necessary measures to keep your bedroom free of clutter. This includes putting away laundry immediately after drying, cleaning your room regularly, and avoiding hoarding materials.

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