What Are The Most Effective CBD Flower Strains To Try This 2022?


Cannabis has got our minds. And we can witness its magic over many daily life crises. It is another reason why stoners are so much in love with it. And we can also discern that through its sale rates.

They are bumping all limits. But what is particularly more enticing about cannabis to stoners right now is CBD. It is an angelic compound with enticing and valuable benefits.

We bet there is hardly a stoner who is a canna lover yet has not used CBD. Right? The active canna crop with no highs is wildly getting praise. And luckily, even the laws feel like agreeing with it. It can be why this canna crop is entirely lawful to use in most states.

You can wield it freely. But except for having more than 0.3 percent D9 (Delta 9 THC) content.

You know what? It is super hard to resist CBD outputs, especially after you check out the item that cannabis seller web stores have.

The last one we adored is industrialhempfarms.com/cbd-hemp-flower/. They trade in some wowing CBD flowers. Well, we can sense your familiarity with these flowers. No wonder they are turning out to be the choice of every stoner these days. It is correct in all senses indeed.

But we bet you are oblivious of the best strains of those buds. And thank us later because we have a valuable list of new CBD strains to try in 2022. But you will not wish to recall any other cannabidiol (CBD) yield after wielding them. And that is because this better output will make you let go of the average ones. So, keeping that in our canna enthusiast minds, here we go:

The Best Raw Cannabidiol Bud Variants to Wield in This 2022

Okay, here is the list. If you find any one variant unsuitable for you in it, that is completely fine! If two, that is cool, too. Yes, because we know and mentioned the top seven here. Check them out:

1. Northern Lights

Northern lights are a sight to cherish. And our first strains hold the same kind of love from canna stoners. As history and present sales records say, the northern lights variant is the most raged one till the date. This pure Indica breed is an incredible blend of Afghani hints with Thai.

They will provide you with the highest cannabidiol content. The range hits more than twenty percent of the active compound with less than 0.1% of D9. The predominant terpene that rules here is myrcene. It is credible, particularly for the piney, woody, earthy, and sweet aroma flavor of its variants.


After the northern lights variant, we feel it safe to denote ACDC as the second most vogue strain in the market recently. What intrigues many users here is the hybrid nature of ACDC. It lends CBD dominance with a slight euphoria if any. ACDC enjoys the regard of being the best one to serve medicinal purposes.

The content range of ACDC goes for thirteen percent CBD over one percent D9. This 13:1 ratio comes from a Cannatonic phenotype. Myrcene is a crucial terpene here as well. And thus, the taste and scent of the variant show no changes to that of the northern lights. As per users, it is a boon to folks who crave relaxation and a dull euphoria.

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3. Bubba Kush

Another popular bud variant we have is Bubba Kush. Most likely, this term is not strange to you. The heavy dominance of Indica gives this hybrid strain an average of twenty-two percent cannabidiol. It does not just possess any single terpene but a blend of myrcene with caryophyllene.

If you are looking to slay anxiety or insomnia overstimulation, then Bubba Kush can be your thing! Plus, it works remarkably as a raw source of relaxation and quality sleep. And that means, with the offerings of myrcene, you will sense a zest of coffee and chocolate (and here we find it better than ever!).

4. Cannatonic

Did you know? Even cannabidiol flowers have their queen. And this CBD queen is Cannatonic. It is so because both the hemp and marijuana varieties lend us insane amounts of CBD. And Cannatonic hemp possesses more than sixteen percent of cannabidiol.

It is a blend of a raw Indica strain, MK-Ultra, and an Indica dominant variant hybrid, G13-Haze.

The predominant presence of myrcene remains the same here. However, it induces a woody hint in the taste.

This variant excels at diminishing anxiousness. Stoners swear by its efficacy to gift us the best of relaxation and energy coupling with dopamine release.

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5. Cherry Crème Brulee

This hemp bud variant is renowned as designer hemp. It’s a Sativa hybrid strain with a slight presence of Dream Tonic and Berry Blossom. Folks adore its unique aromas, flavor, and, of course, its wowing cannabidiol content. You will find this one super rare, but it’s worth getting and cherishing.

The cannabidiol content in this one is an average of sixteen percent with under 0.75 percent D9. Its terpenes content shows bisabolol, myrcene, and caryophyllene. We can say that it has one of the kindest flavors and odors in the entire group. Plus, the presence of black pepper and dark cherry with a sweet floral overtone is incredibly welcome.

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6. Cherry Pie

Isn’t the name yummy enough here? But there’s a ton more to relish about this variant. It belongs to a legendary and intriguing genetic line. This line comes from Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. Also, this heavy-hitting variant is an Indica-prominent hybrid with minimal amounts of D9. It also serves an abundance of cannabidiol (over sixteen percent).

Do you find insomnia sucking? Well, this strain will keep it far and will bring relaxation closer. Plus, it can calm even the busiest of minds. It is that efficient. And all that with a delicious sweet berry and overwhelming earthy taste.

You can take in its mesmerizing dark cherry scent regularly. Thanks to guaiol, caryophyllene, and myrcene terpenes.

7. Girl Scout Cookies

Well, not those cookies precisely! But GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) is a wild vogue variant. It has a base of Durban Poison and OG Kush. Not just this, this variant is the mother of many famous crosses. Its earthy and sweet notes remind us of a little bit of skunk.

The variant’s appearance seems attractive with those blue and purple leaves, striking orange strings, and frost.

So, now you seem perfectly ready to wield out CBD flowers with these top strains. They all have some impressive unique traits or impacts. It would be best if you were willing to explore them all!

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