What Are the Most Popular Toys for 2-Year-Olds?


Buying a toy for a two-year-old toddler can be challenging. That’s because their minds tread the line between imaginative and independent play and short attention spans. So, it could take a while to rack your brain for toys that resonate with these young individuals.

It won’t take that long because, aside from this buying guide on Speech and Sound Clinic, we’ll also give a rundown on selecting the ideal toys for two-year-olds based on their cognitive levels.

Picking the Perfect Gift

So what are your two-year-old’s brain and body molding right now? The answers to that should give you an idea of what toys to buy. At two years old, your child is changing in multiple ways. They’re coming out of their shell socially and won’t hesitate to ask questions on anything and everything.

Their motor skills will also start to develop. They’ll be running around and carrying small items as if they have all the energy in the world, and they likely have. As these skills start to blossom, you’ll see your little ones being able to place things back into their containers, draw something resembling art, and build towers with their toys.

Two is indeed a magical year for boys and girls. You can make it even more magical by gifting them with any of the following toys to further enhance this stage of their development.

Block Sets

Since your child is on the verge of effortlessly manipulating items to build towers, blocks should prove to be the perfect toys for them. You can give them several sets so they can build whatever their growing imaginations conjure up.

Block sets can come in varieties, and some of the most popular ones have box containers that convert into carts, lacing strings, and shape sorters. Now, imagine what fun your kids would have with these. 

Ball Pit With Balls

Hand your two-year-old a ball, and there’s a good chance you won’t be getting it back any time soon. Toddlers just love balls, especially ones that come in bright colors. But being the amazing parents that we are, we don’t like doing things small. So a pit of balls it is!

This one should keep you from searching long and hard for the right toy. The moment you set eyes on it, you just know it’s something your child will love. Pick a set that comes with a soft container and balls with neutral color patterns, as these tend to go well with most home themes.

Dollhouse With Furniture

No, these aren’t just for little girls; they’re for little boys too! Go for a gender-neutral set that hones emotional intelligence and imaginative play at the same time. One with a gorgeous, gender-fluid wood design would fit perfectly in your child’s room.

Pick a set with elements of eco-friendliness to help shape your child’s perspective of the world at that young age. One thing that sets a great toy apart from a good toy is its variety of purposes.

By choosing a dollhouse, you are already helping break gender stereotypes. By selecting one with designs that reference values and principles you want your child to develop, you are planting the seed of what it’s like to be a kind human being in your little one.

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Magnet Block Sets

There are ordinary block sets, and there are magnetic block sets. Both are great, so you might want to give your child one of each to offer them variety. Children love variety, not to mention spotting differences also helps them think more critically. Building kits develop the STEM element in your children, so that’s a definite plus.

There’s also nothing to these kits. Most of these toys are super-simple to operate and even have rotating magnets to offer yet another new element into your child’s play routine. There’ll be no crying and scratching heads this time, which is always a positive in our books!

Personalized Book

By two, your child has graduated from being sung lullabies to being read stories before bed. This is truly a great habit to develop and one you can introduce to your little one through a personalized book. What’s great about having a book customized is your child will be able to hear rhymes, verses, and stories that are completely new.

Of course, we’re not saying to forego the classics because everybody loves those, and your child likely will, as well. But there’s just something so special about a book that perfectly suits your child’s bedtime needs.

Popular Toys Should Suit a Child’s Development Stage

Toys mustn’t just be for fun; they should also be for growth and development. Our most popular toys for two-year-olds are perfect for little toddlers because they help hone the social, emotional, and physical skills being developed in such a phase of a child’s life.

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