What Goes Into Making a Good Commercial?

Commercials are everywhere these days. You can find them in all types of media. Television and online advertisements are probably the ones that people most often notice.

They also can be the ones that most drive people crazy, so it is essential that when producing a commercial, you focus on making sure it is one that people will want to watch and that provides a good experience for the viewer. Doing this can help ensure people watch your commercial and you get a return on your investment.

To create a good commercial for television or the internet, there are some important things you need to do.

Make a Connection

Cron explains that the best way to grab the attention of a viewer and make him or her pay attention to your commercial is to find a way to connect to that viewer. There are some things that seem almost universal and will draw in a majority of people and these are the things you want to use to make the connection with the viewer.

A good way to do this is to tell a story. Centering your ad around a concept that will bring out emotions can be a great way to connect. Some storylines that always manage to work are those that trigger strong emotional reactions, such as tears of happiness or uncontrollable laughter.

Provide Information Quickly

You need to make it clear in the first few seconds what this commercial is about. If you try to beat around the bush or drag things out, people will tune out. You need to be specific and direct. Instead of telling viewers they will save a lot of money with your product, give them an exact figure.

Be Creative

Too often, the focus when producing commercials becomes too focused on putting out information. You have to remember that television and internet commercials are often interrupting something that the viewer was watching for its entertainment value. You need to compete with that.

Small Business Trends cautions not to get so focused on the other aspects of your commercial that you forget to be creative. Make the commercial catchy. Some of the best ones ever made by production company professionals had jingles or catch phrases that took off and become a part of everyday vernacular.

You want your commercial to be something that gets people talking. It should be memorable. Viewers should be talking about it and want to see it again. Make it different than anything they’ve ever seen so that they will be in awe of your creative genius.

Make It Relevant

Microsoft suggests that you target your commercial towards a trending topic. Find out what people are searching for and discover those topics that are incredibly popular. A good example of this is the commercials that came out during the COVID-19 pandemic and showed people wearing masks. These commercials touched on a hot topic that made it relevant to viewers.

See Also

You want to talk right to your customer in their language. This requires that you know your audience. The only way to connect with them and ensure the ad is relevant is to know what they want, what they like, and how they think.

Have a Call to Action

At its core, a commercial is a sales tool, and the first rule of selling is to ask for the sale. Your commercial has to ask the viewer to buy, and it needs to give them a way to do so. Whether you provide a clickable link in an online ad or tell customers to visit their local grocery store to find your product, you need to ask them to buy it.

Not asking for the sale is a huge mistake. It basically makes your commercial pointless, so always include a call to action that gives your viewer exact directions on what you want them to do and how they can do it.

Create a Commercial

There is no magic formula for making a commercial, but these tips can sure make it easier to create a winning one. You have to stand out and make something people want to watch. You also need to stay focused on your end goal of selling your product.

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