What is an ERP & Who are the Biggest Players?

What is an ERP & Who are the Biggest Players?

Enterprise resource planning,  ERP Solutions are integrated software that controls how various business processes are run within an organization. It benefits companies because it manages all key sections such as accounting, customer support, sales, human resource, inventory, and purchase. There are many top ERP players in the industry. Here are some of the best:

ORACLE-NetSuite ERP Software

NetSuite software program provides companies with built-in tools that help in automation and integration of all business processes hence streamlining operations. All departments, including human resources, distribution, supply chain, accounting, and distribution. Thus, enabling companies to take control of operational processes.

The good thing about this software is that it can be accessed at any time at your preferred location as long as you can access the internet. Due to its digitized features, this application is relatively cheaper to buy and maintain and it is customized. This tool also provides real-time communication across all business departments. The NetSuite is rated at 82 customer satisfaction.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP Software

JD Edwards is a high tech company that offers clients with high business value at a considerably lower cost of income. JD Edwards received recognition as the Oracle Award Winner for achieving a customer success of 9.2. The CSS International JD Edwards Consultant implements cloud and third-party strategies to create tailored solutions to suit your organization’s requirements specifically.

The company provides businesses with the Internet of Things and automation tools to integrate and improve operations. Its tools streamline the human resource, SCM, marketing, and financial departments. Their services are flexible and equally efficient such that you can access the tools both online and at retail shops. Clients can check on the status of software functionality across the supply chain, and pinpoint bottlenecks with the system. The program enables the collection of real-time information to help visualize processes hence make informed decisions. The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software contains features that improve the value chain and overall business management. The software has 78-customer satisfaction.

Infor Syteline ERP Software

The SyteLine software is a tool that enables businesses to improve operations by providing programs to automate, focus, and integration of accounting processes. The software helps companies to break down departmental information so that employees can only view relevant information. The program integrates various systems, including CRM and EAM Infor.

The Infor SyteLine software helps streamline chain management through monitoring items moving into the warehouse. It also allows you to customize reports and dashboards to control information flow. The software is made up of modules that can be configured to automate business processes. The Infor SyteLine offers security functions to protect your system from unauthorized accessibility. It also incorporates recovery programs to help during emergencies. Infor SyteLine software has a 78 customer satisfaction rate.

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IQMS ERP Software

IQMS offers workflow functions that help integrate business operations that include capacity planning, supply chain, CRM, and financial management. This program can help identify bottlenecks across the organization and encourage employees to increase productivity through automation of systems. IQMS software provides real-time information to help monitor various production processes. The IQMS software has tracking features that help check on customer records that help them plan on their next sales and improve on customer experience. The software can be accessed both at retail shops and cloud-based. IQMS Software has been rated with 86 customer satisfaction.

Bottom line

ERP software programs are essential to any growing business. The software helps upgrade various company processes through automation and streamlining operations. Employee productivity can be improved, which results in improved company profits. The software provides workflow functionalities that ensure you achieve real-time communication and improved customer experience.


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