What is Whey Protein & Are Meal Replacement Bars Containing This Good?


One of the proteins found in dairy is Whey protein. Cheese and Yogurt create a byproduct which is known as Whey Protein. It can be easily manufactured. First the milk is acidified, then strained out of the curd so that you can get yogurt or cheese. It then leaves behind Whey. Whey protein once processed is sold in the form of a powder. You can find them in smoothies or drink supplements. It generally is used as a supplement for people who are suffering from malnutrition or have deficiency of protein. Many a times it is also used to increase the performance of an athlete or even to improve the composition of the body.

Even before they are absorbed by the body they are broken down into huge fractions by the digestive enzymes of the body into amino acids. These amino acids are then put back together to form more proteins in different combinations in the body. These are then used for muscle building, hormone and enzyme building and many more substances which our body needs to function properly.

A whey protein bar from Meal Replacement Pro provides all amino acids which are nine in total and has a high concentrate of cysteine and leucine. The sources of protein that give us leucine are the ones which provide the strongest factor that affects the synthesis and growth of proteins. That is the reason why many health fanatics prefer Whey protein. This protein is sold as whey protein isolate and whey protein. If the whey protein label says isolate, then it is a much-concentrated version of whey protein. It is higher in quality but has certain nutrients in lesser quantity which also includes fat.

Benefits of Whey Protein

Whey proteins are considered as the best-known supplements in the whole world.  It has the best nutritional value and also scientists have found out that they have several health benefits. Here are some health benefits of whey protein.

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  1. Excellent Source of High-Quality Protein: The protein fraction of Whey is found as a liquid that is formed when cheese is prepared from milk. Whey contains all essential amino proteins along with that it is very easy to digest and is easier on the gut than the other types of protein. These things make whey protein one of the best health supplements. There are mostly three types of whey protein which is available in the market nowadays WPC also known as concentrate, WPH also known as hydrolysate and WPI known as isolate. The most common type of Whey protein is known as Concentrate and is the most affordable one. As a supplement of diet, whey protein is very popular among athletes, bodybuilders who require additional protein always prefer whey protein in their diet.
  2. Whey Protein Promotes Muscle Growth: As every knowledgeable individual knows that muscle mass declines with age leading to fat gain and raising risk of diseases which are chronic. However, these changes in our body can be slowed down or prevented by regular exercises and a balanced diet. It is even better if the training is combined with intake of high protein supplements such as Whey Proteins. This is one of the best strategies to prevent yourself from losing more muscle when aging. The most effective sources are the high qualified protein also known as leucine. It is highly rich in amino acids which is very important in promoting growth. Muscle growth is better, when the Whey proteins are consumed than normal proteins such as soy or casein. However, only intake proteins if your diet is lacking them.

Whey Protein May Help Treat Type 2 Diabetes: The chronic disease known as Type 2 diabetes often shows high blood pressure and less function of insulin. Here is something to tell you what Insulin is. It is one of the hormones in our body that takes care of uptake of blood sugar into cells and to keep them in limits which are healthy. Whey proteins help our body to moderate blood sugar. When you compare whey protein with the other sources such as egg white and fish, most of us would always prefer whey as it is more beneficial. The whey proteins are even better than diabetic drugs such as sulfonylurea. It can also be used as secondary treatment for diabetes. If you take the whey protein as a supplement it helps maintain blood sugar in both people who are healthy and the ones which are suffering with type 2 diabetes.  The bottom line is that it is one of the ways in which you can keep your blood sugar under control. 

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