What to Consider before Buying an LED Hula Hoop

LED hula hoop

LED hula hoops come in all sizes and shapes, making it hard to figure out the right one that meets your needs. It can also seem challenging to choose a hula hoop with LED lights, especially when you can’t use it, try it, and touch it before you purchase it. 

Besides, there are several options available out there, so it can be overwhelming for you. But before you buy an LED hula hoop, there are some basic things you need to consider. This post discusses what to consider before buying an LED hula hoop.

Customer service

It’s important to check the customer service as well as the track record of the supplier that you intend to buy from. After all, an LED hula hoop is a financial investment, so you need to make sure that your hard-earned cash is going to the right supplier. 

The best way is to do research by accessing some hoop groups or even get in touch with some friends and ask them where they purchased their LED hula hoops. It’s also necessary to find out if the supplier accepts damaged LED hula hoops to be returned. In other words, make sure to find out the supplier’s policy on returns, warranty, and shipping.

A reliable supplier needs to have a fast shipping system and its customer service should be excellent. This means the supplier should respond quickly to your concerns or questions.

Size and weight

It’s also a good idea to know the right size of an LED hula hoop for you. Aside from this, you need to know the material that you want to have from the hoop and the weight.

The good news is that many LED hula hoop suppliers can give you a lot of information on their websites. The size of the LED hula hoop is crucial, so you may need to consider if you want it to have the size of regular hoops. 

But if you want to purchase an LED hula hoop for performance, then make sure that it has the right weight. It’s worth noting that the LED hula hoops have lights and batteries that can add weight to the product. 

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The powering system

You should also understand how the LED hula hoop is powered. All LED hula hoops are quite different, so you need to know how you will keep it lit up. You can find some that come with rechargeable batteries or just normal batteries. 

Some LED hula hoops come with a charger you can utilize to power them. And, others come with batteries that you have to replace yourself. Therefore, it’s important to know what you want from your LED hula hoop and how long you desire it to last.  

You can find several LED hula hoop manufacturers that have multiple styles of LED and their battery life can vary. Best of all, some LED hula hoops come with extra batteries that you can charge up, meaning you can use other batteries while others are charging up.

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