When the Years Start Catching up with You: 6 Signs It’s Time to Consider Assisted Living

When the Years Start Catching up with You: 6 Signs It's Time to Consider Assisted Living

Time travels at a different rate for every individual. When a specific point is reached in life, important decisions need to be made. Assisted living from McKnight Place is one of the many things to look forward to at the later end of life. Instead of nearing the end of a book, you are starting a brand-new chapter. 

6. When Home Care Can’t Keep Up

Home care has its limitations that lead to frustrating day to day concerns. When a home caretaker has trouble dealing with a client, then assisted living is the next step. Physical and mental decline changes the conditions that the caretaker was originally hired for. The frustration that comes from this change should never be directed at a professional. There are limitations to the environment they work, and sometimes getting overwhelmed is a possibility. 

5. Accidents Become More Frequent

Close calls are common during a decline. Small things like leaving the stove on or falling down the stairs can lead to bigger problems. Instead of finding ways to prevent these accidents, look at the big picture. You can’t ‘proof’ an entire home when a person’s life is changing. That turns it from a personal home into a created prison. Assisted living is the opposite of that situation, and all without stripping the client of their individuality. 

4. Budgetary Concerns

Home care and medical bills can pile up in a hurry. At a certain point, insurance may decline to cover portions of the bill. It is important to research assisted living before your finances reach the breaking point. Once you reach the point of no return, every option becomes a burden. If the current situation is draining your finances, act quickly to keep it from becoming a permanent problem. 

3. Common Tasks Become More Difficult

Repetition is good for the mind. Seniors that have hobbies are often pros at what they do. Like all hobbies, it keeps them busy. This becomes problematic when that repetition takes the place of social interaction. When seniors refuse to socialize, they retreat into a world that only their minds can affect. Over time, this can become a danger of its own. 

2. Rapid Weight Loss (Or Gain)

Dietary concerns in either direction are bad on an aging body. It feeds chronic conditions, and in the worst state can cause a rapid decline in mental and physical functions. Diabetic seniors are in a whole category on their own, requiring specific meals to keep their system going. Skipping or neglecting a diet will only worsen a condition while introducing new ones. 

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1. Home And Hygiene Neglect

A home should never look like a college dorm room. The hidden bacteria alone is enough to cause problems with a senior’s respiratory system. House upkeep is not due to a pattern of laziness and should be dealt with on a case to case basis. Forgetfulness, chronic pain, and fatigue are many of the reasons a dirty house becomes an issue. If the house is dirty, then the person in charge of it may not be far behind. Bad personal hygiene is a telltale sign that assisted living is a helpful option for seniors.  

Wrap Up

There are options for seniors, and one of them is assisted living. Having a choice helps when transitioning into a different lifestyle. The pace may change, but it is still your life decision. 

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