Why More Students are Pursuing College Education

Research indicates that more students enroll for higher education, says Fred Dews, a journalist with Brookings Now. For instance, from 2001 to 2011, the United States experienced an increase in the higher education enrolment rate by 32%. These results are shocking. No, it is not.      

It is not a surprise that more students are now enrolling in higher education. The reason is because of a promising career prospect that a person with a college qualification gets. These people have higher career satisfaction rates, and they get well-paying jobs.          

Access to a well-paying job is not the only reason motivating students to enroll in higher education. Other reasons include getting social connections, boosting happiness, and increasing your level of knowledge. Finally, you may want to explore the world. Well, read more about these reasons here:         

Improving your social connections      

When attending higher education, you will meet new friends. Some of these friendships may last for eternity. These social connections might be helpful when job hunting. On most occasions, it is friends who assist their peers in getting employment opportunities.     

This is one of the explanations on why the rate of unemployment is low amongst graduates, compared to high school certificate holders. So, if you want to gain better social connections, enroll in a degree program. You will make friends who may assist you later in your life.      

Boosting your level of happiness    

Have you ever wondered why many educated people live a happier life? This question has always been on my mind until I stumbled upon an article by Valerie Strauss, a journalist from the Washing Post. She says that higher education is associated with increased levels of health and happiness.      

Happiness arises because one will not spend a lot of money on medications and can freely move about. Educated people are healthy because they can afford proper medicines and good food. Their likelihood of smoking is low, and they are conscious of their weight. Thus, they have a low body mass index. 

Health issues aside, research indicates that people with a college degree have a higher job satisfaction rate. They report to work on time, are highly motivated, and depict career growth. So, if you want to live a healthy and happy life, consider enrolling in higher education.      

Increasing your level of knowledge         

Some people attend higher education for knowledge. They seek to expand their spheres of interest and acquire information on things of interest to them. This explains why some people may have three to four degrees in different subjects.   

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Increasing your level of awareness can improve your problem-solving skills. In addition, this skill can improve the quality of your life because you will find a solution to life-pressing issues. Other benefits of improved knowledge include:      

  • Better communication: Your communication skills will improve. Good communicative capability will enhance the quality of your social relations. Also, it will enable you to keep constructive conversations.      
  • Increases your rates of innovation: Some of the global pressing problems have been solved through innovative inventions. Improving your academic level may increase your ability to take risks, characteristic of the greatest innovators.     
  • Faster decision-making capability: You will be resolving issues through a point of knowledge. Thus, the decisions you make will be faster.     
  • Research skills: When in school, you will have to write papers. Constantly researching and writing academic arguments will equip you with good research capabilities. You can only get such skills from professional essay writers.  

Seeing the world

You may seek higher education because it will get you out of your town. Higher education allows one to study in other geographic regions. You may learn in Washington, Ohio, New York, or Colorado. This depends on your choice of university.    

Getting these experiences is advisable. You will learn to appreciate diverse cultures and people. Also, you will taste food products that you could not have eaten at home. So, attending higher education may be attractive to you. So, if you get an opportunity to enroll in university, don’t give up on it.  

Final Thoughts 

Well, attending higher education has many benefits. You will improve your knowledge, explore the world, and make social connections. These connections may last a lifetime and help get you a job. So, if you think a college education is not essential, think again.   

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