What Will it Take to Inspire you? My Husband’s Weight Loss Journey Continues

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What Will it Take to Inspire you? My Husband’s Weight Loss Journey Continues

  I’m no longer concerned with the scale! I’ve went down another pant size, and changed my workout routine, as I now work out with Ralph’s class. It’s really cool witnessing my body react to something that it’s not used to!
My workout now consists of 3 days total body, Thursdays are Tricep exhaustion, working out with Ralph and a group of people and one day of injury prevention.
Total body is just that: Upper and Lower body work outs.
Once you make the decision to work out you should make one day an injury prevention day (light weights, 15-20 repetitions).
You have to remember that it takes time. It took me time to get where I was, and now it is taking me time to get back to where I want to be. I am 45 years old and although I wish I had started this sooner, I am glad that I started at all. Like I might have said before: I started working by walking a little a day until I got up to a mile, then I increased a little over time. Sometimes I had my wife come and pick me up if I found I was overdoing. As I felt myself get stronger, I started to jog, then walk back until I was able to run both ways. My first goal was the 5K I did back in June. You can set a goal for yourself and just work towards it. Remember to take pictures, as hard as it is, it will help you see the changes that your body is going through. Like I mentioned in the beginning, I don’t count on the scale but how my clothes feel and how good I feel. When you really decide to make the change, the rest will come to you as time goes on.
Good luck in your journey, and I will update the next time I reach a new milestone.


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