Winter Driving Safety

Biggest Perils/Winter Driving

Winter Driving Safety

Road tripping on Winter road conditions are dangerous. When you visit a new place you may encounter road conditions that you are not use to. Here is a winter checklist for your car that will keep you and your family safe.

Emergency Kit

A car emergency kit for the winter should include an extra jug of antifreeze, a windshield scraper, spare tire and accessories, such as a jack, and chains for driving in deep snow. You also should consider a warm blanket, just in case. Flashlights are a must-have, as well as some small provisions. Lifehacker provides a great list of things you should keep in your car all the time.

Routine Maintenance


Maintenance will keep your car in tip-top condition. Catch old brake pads, weak batteries, and gummed-up engines before they become a problem while on the road. The TireBuyer infographic is a handy resource for those who want the specifics on how important car maintenance can be — for instance, there are 220 million flat tires every year in the United States. Check your tires for wear with a quarter, if your tires are old they can develop slow leaks that could become flats, or simply cut down on your fuel efficiency. If you need new tires you might consider all-terrain or studded tires, depending on the weather in your area.

Fluids, Belts & Tubes

Some pre-winter maintenance can stop the mechanical part of your car from a breakdown, but the old belts and tubes can put a halt on your winter plans as readily as a faulty transmission. Check all belts for wear and tubes for cracks and leaks, as well as your radiator. Fluids should be checked and replenished, including wiper fluid, brake fluids, and oil.

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Once you’ve assembled your emergency kit, performed routine maintenance and checked the not-so-obvious parts that could halt your trip, you’re car is ready for winter driving.


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  • I know when winter hits here , because we get it hard, We always go through everything, vehicle, home and peronal.

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