Into the Woods Blu-ray Review

Into the Woods -Rapunzel

Into the Woods Blu-ray Review

Into the Woods Blu-ray Review

Disclosure:  I was sent a copy of “Into the Woods” Blu-ray in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions are my own.

I love all things Disney.  So when it comes to fairy tales I am a fan of those as well because lets face it most Disney movies are fairy tales.

I really enjoyed all of the different fairy tales intertwined into the movie.  Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Jack & the Beanstalk and more.  If you enjoy a great musical; this is singing from the opening to the end!  The music is beautiful and I felt all of the singers did a wonderful job!

Meryl Streep stars as the Witch and MacKenzie Mauzy as Rapunzel
Meryl Streep stars as the Witch and MacKenzie Mauzy as Rapunzel

Meryl Streep shines in her role (well maybe she doesn’t look shiny, she looks a bit scary).  I cannot imagine the time it took to get her all in makeup and costume. I loved both of Ms Streep’s looks in the movie, the one above as well as the one below.


One of the interesting things in the movie is how the characters interacted.  Its like a character from one fairy tale interacted with a character from another fairy tale when they were “Into the Woods”.  This is what made the movie so much more interesting.

Into the Woods -Rapunzel

Rapunzel was another interesting character that I enjoyed.  Her hair was unbelievable, something that I read was  that Rapunzel’s hair in the film is 20 feet long. The braid is made from real hair and weighs almost six pounds.  They were actually able to ‘swing’ from it as it was shown in the movie; and it was woven into her actual hair so it looked real.  I thought it was just as beautiful as her!

Into The Woods Movie Image

There were four cows cast to play Milky-White. Their names were Tug, Diamond, Two Fold  and Pearl.



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  • The foundation of the Woods set, built on Stage H at Shepperton Studios, was made up of 2,000 tons of soil, over 600 ferns, acres and acres of ivy and countless pallets of moss and  turf. I loved how real the beanstalk looked and how Jack was incorporated into the movie. I actually had forgotten about this fairy tale until I saw it in the movie.

Into the Woods

  • 95 percent of the trees used on the Woods set were real trees, which included 30-foot pine trees and hundreds of 25-foot oak tree branches, the leaves of which had to be removed and replaced with artificial ones (so they would last longer). The remaining five percent were full-sized whimsical trees constructed from plaster.

Into the Woods is definitely worth purchasing on Blu-ray to add to your Disney collection.  It has all of the parts of a great movie; musicality, superb acting, beautiful costumes, a fun story line and last but not least out of this world scenery.

You can purchase “Into the Woods” on Blu-ray starting 3/24/2015 on Amazon


I hope this Into the Woods Blu-ray Review helps you make the decision to purchase it today!

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