Working Remotely: How To Keep Your Data Safe

Working Remotely How To Keep Your Data Safe

Remote working is something that more and more businesses are allowing. Not only does it cut down on costs as there won’t necessarily be the need for an office to pay for, but it also keeps employees happy and motivated, thus increasing their productivity. It’s no wonder that so many businesses are choosing to go down this route now that technology allows it to happen so easily. However, there are some security risks with remote working, and it is imperative that you are able to keep your data safe. Here are some ways to do it.

Public Wi-Fi

When you are working remotely from home, you won’t need to worry about public Wi-Fi services. You can use your own Wi-Fi and work relatively safely, assuming you have the necessary protection in place.

Public Wi-Fi is a different matter altogether, yet when you are traveling for business, or even simply heading to a meeting somewhere other than your home or a secure office, you might be tempted to use it. It can be extremely useful, but it is also prone to malicious attacks because it is completely open to cybercriminals. Therefore, it is best not to use public Wi-Fi at all if possible, but wait until you can access an encrypted system instead.

Information Security Management

What is information security management? It is potentially something you won’t have heard of before, but it is something that can save you a lot of time and trouble, and ensure that your data is kept safe. Information security management is a set of procedures that are put in place to minimize the risk of any cybercriminals being able to attack your network and steal sensitive information from your computer.

Part of these procedures including installing good virus protection software, but on top of this it is important to change your passwords regularly, for example, and have a security plan.

Keep Your Equipment Safe

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You may not realize it, but simply leaving your laptop in your vehicle while you go to get lunch could be putting it – and your business – at risk. If any computer equipment, smartphone, or tablet is stolen and the information on it able to be read and used, then your own information is at risk, and so is anyone else’s such as clients and work colleagues.

Always keep your important equipment with you whenever possible, and if you do need to leave it in a car or at home, make sure it is out of sight so that no opportunistic thieves decide to take it for themselves.

Use Encryption

Every portable device that you have should have strong levels of encryption on it. Not only will this help if you do need to use public Wi-Fi for any reason, but if the device fell into the wrong hands, the information within it won’t be able to be accessed. It is an important additional level of security that will ensure, should the worst happen, the information at least will be safe.

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