Worried About Unauthorized Entry Into Your Home? Get a Pick Proof Lock

Worried About Unauthorized Entry Into Your Home? Get a Pick Proof Lock

Home security has been a very common concern for homeowners living in both large cities and small towns. People in Farmers Branch, Texas, are no exception. It is too late to start worrying and taking action once your home has been broken into. You must take proactive steps to keep break-ins from happening in the first place. Though a certain number of burglaries are bound to happen each year, there are ways to reduce the chances of it happening to you. Let’s start with better home locks.

Get Better Locks

It is amazing how many people stay with the same old locks year after year. Locks that are cheap and easy to jimmy and break into a house. Why not contact services such as Action Lock Doc to get better, more secure locks for doors and windows? It is troubling how many people buy an existing house and use the same lock and keys that the former owners used. How many spare keys are floating around out there? Do you really want to use the same keys and locks as the former owners?

A good practice is to have new secure locks installed before you even move into your new home. Go straight to deadbolt, jimmy-proof locks for better security. The investment is well worth it for home security and peace of mind. Now, what about all those windows on the first floor? If they do not have good locks, they will be easy entry points for a thief wanting unauthorized entry into your home. Secure them now and then teach all the family members to lock the windows when leaving home or at night.

Are Pick-Proof Locks a Good Investment?

As people look for better locks and home security measures, pick-proof locks have gained popularity. They promise buyers locks that are more difficult to pick or to bump to get the door open and enter the home. No lock requiring a key is entirely pick-proof. These locks resist picking or bumping by having an extra tumbler set. The extra set of tumblers has better protection from manipulation like picking or bumping. Any lock that is harder for thieves to pick or bump is worth a little extra expense.

Types of Pick Resistant Locks

There are two basic types of pick-resistant locks.

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  1. Locks with uncommon keyways will discourage intruders from trying to bump locks with bumper or master keys. With an unusual keyway, the chances of a master key that ill work are pretty slim.
  2. Get a Mul-T-Lock because it features a pin-within-a-pin design that makes it almost impossible to make a bump key that will work on it. It also features a retaining bearing that stops the lock from coming apart from the door frame. The limitation here is that this lock must be installed in a uPVC door.
  3. Another pick-proof lock is the Medeco lock. This has a complicated inner mechanism that is almost impossible to pick or bump. This type of lock can be used in either uPVC doors or wood doors.
  4. There are now keyless locks on the market. These high-quality locks are traditional looking but do not use keys. The homeowner must enter an access code to open the lock. This is great unless there is a problem with the lock because there are not many fixes. These keyless deadbolt locks offer a high level of security.
  5. Smart locks are controlled by electronics such as smartphones. Since they are electronically controlled, they do not have key cylinders to pick or bump. They have the option for each member of the family to have their own access code. Because they employ smart technology, they can be hacked along with your phones and security system. That would take a pretty smart thief, so most homes would be safe. But a smart person would have added security measures to the account.

Better Home Security Includes More Than Locks

The best home security is a multi-step process guided by the home’s location and the degree to which the homeowner is willing to go for home security. Commonly listed security measures include:

  • Good locks on doors and windows
  • A security system with a loud alarm, cameras, and monitoring
  • Performing a home security assessment or having the local police do it for you. Correct the weaknesses the survey uncovers.
  • Use coverings on all windows so burglars can not see your valuables inside the house or garage.
  • Installing a fence around your property to keep unwanted people off the property.
  • Getting to know your neighbors so you can look out for each other and also talking to any neighborhood association or watch group. If the whole neighborhood is well-lit and neighborhood watch signs are posted, it may deter criminals. Neighborhood clean-up campaigns can make a neighborhood look better protected and cared for, discouraging thieves. Take steps with the exterior of your property to trim trees and shrubs, get rid of litter and toys left outside, and install motion sensor lights in the front and back of the house to deter thieves.
  • Practice better security all the time by keeping fences, garage doors, and gates closed and locked all the time or at least at night.
  • Cars should be part of your home security plan. Don’t leave valuables in the car when it is parked and always keep cars locked.
  • Inside the home, take steps to secure valuables out of sight and in a lockbox or home safe that is bolted down and out of sight. Don’t keep spare keys outside, and do not label personal keys in case you lose them.
  • Once you have all the security measures in place, like locks for doors and windows and a security system, keep them locked and the security system activated. When people get lazy, they are more likely to be burglarized. All family members should be cooperating with the home security measures.

Getting in the habit of using safe security measures every day can keep your home safer from intrusions and burglaries. It just takes a little effort.

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