10 Delicious Food Gifts That Will Make Your Valentine’s Day Extra Special

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year, and if you’re looking for a special way to show your love, a delicious food gift could be the perfect choice. From edible bouquets to cookie baskets and chocolate bars, there are so many ways to give heartfelt gifts that will make your Valentine’s Day extra special.

We’ve rounded up ten of the best food gifts to give your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re looking for something unique or something with a lot of “wow factor,” these tasty treats are sure to make your special someone feel loved and appreciated. So show your love with a memorable food gift this Valentine’s Day!

Food Gifts That Will Deliver by Valentines Day

If you are looking for a unique way to show your love to your special someone this Valentine’s Day, you should consider sending a savory gourmet gift basket. Gifting food has been a popular way of expressing love for centuries, and there are many options available today that would make the perfect Valentine’s Day present. From luxurious chocolates to artisanal jams, savory gourmet gift baskets can be made to suit all tastes and budgets.

Let’s take a look at some of the top food gifts that can be delivered in time for February 14:

Gourmet Cheese and Crackers Gift Basket

A Gourmet Cheese and Crackers Gift Basket makes for a great Valentine’s Day gift for your favorite foodie. This basket contains some of the most popular cheeses from around the world, including: Edam, Gouda, Cheddar, Brie, Camembert and Creamy Blue. Accompanied by delicious crackers made from wheat, spices and herbs and an assortment of dried fruits for added flavor, this is a truly unique gift that your loved one won’t soon forget!

No matter the occasion a Gourmet Cheese & Cracker Gift Basket can make it extra special. Whether you are sharing a picnic lunch at the park or having special guests over to your home for dinner, this basket has something to offer everyone in attendance. With so many flavors to choose from, it’s easy to customize the basket with exactly what you need. All you have to do is pick out some choices that fit into your budget and let your family and friends find their favorites!

Artisanal Charcuterie Gift Basket

Treat your loved one to an artisanal charcuterie gift basket – perfect for a Valentine’s Day feast. A Charcuterie board is the perfect way to show your affection and appreciation – artfully arranged meats, cheeses, olives, jams and more.

Our charcuterie gifts feature artisanal smoked meats, specialty dry-cured, free-range and nitrate-free sausages from top cured meat masters from around the country. Enjoy beautifully crafted house pickles and fresh accompaniments alongside fresh cornichons, hard-to-find mustards and classic condiments from around Europe. For the full experience, add some toasted slices of fresh French Baguettes or other freshly baked breads for a truly decadent treat.

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With our delicious gourmet gift baskets you can make sure your special someone will never forget this special day!

International Gourmet Gift Basket

If you’re looking to give a food gift this Valentine’s Day that tastes like it was plucked from a global market, an international gourmet gift basket could be just the thing to surprise your loved one. Perfect for casual or lavish entertaining, these baskets of imported tidbits are full of flavors from all over the world, ranging from mild and creamy Italian cheese to zesty Mexican dips. No matter what their taste is, there’s bound to be something in here to tantalize their palette.

The International Gourmet Gift Basket includes an assortment of different delicacies such as:

  • Spanish jamon Serrano ham
  • Dutch Belgian chocolate truffles
  • French brie cheese
  • Bavarian Mustard and crispy Italian crackers
  • Spanish olives stuffed with almonds and Danish tartlets with smoked salmon and cream cheese filling
  • Piedmont hazelnuts and English shortbread filled with raspberry jam

making it the perfect luxurious-yet-simple meal experience they’ll never forget!

Sweet Treats

Finding the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day can be a challenge, but food gifts are always an option that can’t go wrong. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or savory, there are many delicious food gifts that can be delivered in time for February 14th and will make your Valentine’s Day extra special.

Let’s explore some of the best options available this Valentine’s Day:

Chocolate Truffle Gift Box

A chocolate truffle gift box is a decadent way to make your Valentine’s Day extra special. Filled with a variety of chocolates, this delicious box of sweet treats is sure to bring smiles and joy to your loved one.

Chocolate truffles are usually made by combining chocolate, cream, and butter and then forming them into balls or other shapes. They are then enrobed in additional chocolate and often rolled in a variety of texture enhancers such as cocoa powder, finely chopped nuts, or crushed cookie pieces. Chocolate truffles come in an array of flavors from subtle and delicate white chocolate to the boldness of dark chocolate.

Many gift boxes come with an assortment that includes both classic flavors as well as unique flavors to tantalize the taste buds with every bite!

A luxury chocolate truffle gift box is perfect for anyone with a serious sweet tooth or anyone who loves all things chocolaty! Each box contains up to about 20 pieces so you can enjoy all these delicious treats together or share them with friends. Not only does it make for a great Valentine’s Day gift, but it also makes the perfect hostess gift for any occasion.

Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket

Treat your loved one to a truly special Valentine’s Day experience with a gourmet chocolate gift basket. Gourmet chocolate gifts are not only delicious, but they are sure to show just how much you care this holiday season. Gift baskets can be customized with an array of decadent treats, ranging from classic French truffles to extraordinary artisanal creations.

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Many luxury chocolates come in decorative packaging that comes beautifully wrapped and adorned with romantic trinkets such as rose petals and hearts. With thoughtful products like this, your sweetheart will undoubtedly feel the love this Valentine’s Day.

Luxury Chocolate Gift Basket

If you really want to show your Valentine how much you care this year, a luxury chocolate gift basket is sure to impress. This indulgent treat combines fine Belgian chocolates and creamy caramel popcorn, as well as other delicious desserts like creamy truffles, baked cakes, and chocolate-covered nuts. It also comes with two glasses of sparkling white wine to complete the romantic evening celebrations.

This set is perfect for any romantic occasion, whether it be Valentine’s Day or another special occasion. Each piece of exquisite candy comes in its own individual box designed to make them suitable even for corporate gifting. Let your loved one indulge in this sweet selection of chocolates and show them just how much they mean to you!

Exotic Delights

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it can be difficult to come up with a romantic and thoughtful gift. Why not surprise your loved one with something delicious and exotic? Here are 10 food gifts that can be delivered right in time for your special day. From organic chocolate to luxury fruit baskets, these gifts are sure to make your Valentine’s Day extra special this year.

  1. Organic Chocolate
  2. Luxury Fruit Basket
  3. Gourmet Cheese Platter
  4. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
  5. Organic Coffee Gift Basket
  6. Gourmet Popcorn Gift Box
  7. Gourmet Chocolate Truffles
  8. Organic Tea Gift Set
  9. Organic Wine Gift Set
  10. Gourmet Snack Gift Basket

Exotic Fruit Gift Basket

Send a unique gift and surprise your special someone with an exotic fruit basket filled with rare and exotic fruits that are sure to tantalise their taste buds.

An exotic fruit basket may include items like tamarind, longan, physalis, mangoes, pitahayas, chirimoyas, marshmallows, feijoas, coconut jelly balls and cherimoyas. Not only are these exotic fruits packed with essential vitamins and minerals but they also offer extraordinary flavours and textures that are sure to please.

Impress your loved one by sending an extravagant gift basket full of delicious tropical flavours from around the world.

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International Food Gift Basket

For the foodie in your life, nothing says “I love you” more than a basket of global flavors from around the world. The International Food Gift Basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets includes award-winning items from Italy, France, Mexico and beyond.

The basket includes:

  • Licorice laces from England
  • Olives with oregano from Greece
  • Stuffed vine leaves from Turkey
  • Chorizo with onions and tomatoes from Spain
  • Bread sticks and spinach dip mix for creating an Italian favorite called Bruschetta al Pomodoro.
  • Gourmet handmade Taquitos from Mexico that make an excellent snack or appetizer selection.
  • Tamarind Duck Sauce from China that goes great with egg rolls or fried wontons.
  • Smoked salmon chowder mix and Bayou-style Cajun Gumbo along with other selections sure to please even the most discerning palate.

As if all these incredible flavors weren’t enough to show your Valentine just how special they are, the whole package fits nicely in a genuine woven basket of sweet serenity made of natural sea grasses grown on sustainable plantations!

Asian Food Gift Basket

When it comes to exotic food gifts that will make your Valentine melt with pleasure, look no further than an Asian gift basket. Delicious food from many various countries in the East, this type of gift basket is sure to please. Here is a selection of items you could include for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day:

  • Chinese Tea or Tea Set: Take your partner on a journey with Chinese tea leaves and colorful designs. Choose between herbal and traditional teas, such as oolong or black tea!
  • Unusual Sauces: Choose unique sauces bursting with flavor, such as sweet chili sauce and teriyaki sauce.
  • Spices: Give your valentine the gift of spice! Use a variety of herbs and spices like cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, and star anise to create flavors they never dreamed possible!
  • Specialty Noodles: Experiment with different noodles like udon or soba to make extra special dishes your valentine will love.
  • Wasabi Peas: No Asian food experience would be complete without some crunchy yet spicy wasabi peas. These are both intriguing and comforting – perfect for any romantic occasion!
  • Sushi Making Kit: Create restaurant quality tastes from sushi at home by giving them all the tools they need for success including bamboo rolling mats, wasabi root powder, nori seaweed sheets and dipping dishes.
  • Korean Kimchi Kit: Koreans have perfected their fermented cabbage dish over hundreds of years; now that tradition can yours too thanks to ready made kimchi kits!
  • Thai Curry Paste Set & Jasmine Rice: A traditional Thai staple can become a reality thanks to these two essential ingredients – ideal served with crispy vegetables or fresh seafood cooked in coconut milk!
  • Authentic Wok – This classic cooking tool is a must have for any aspiring asian cook; enjoy succulent stir fries just like the pros do right in their own kitchen!

Specialty Food Gifts

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show someone you care about them with a special food gift. Whether you are looking for something savory or sweet, these 10 delicious food gifts are sure to make your Valentine’s Day extra special. From gourmet chocolates to savory snack baskets, each of these gift options can be delivered in time for the big day. Let’s explore the possibilities:

  • Gourmet chocolates
  • Savory snack baskets
  • Fruit baskets
  • Cookie bouquets
  • Gourmet popcorn tins
  • Cake pops
  • Chocolate-dipped strawberries
  • Gourmet coffee
  • Cheese and cracker platters
  • Gift baskets

Organic Food Gift Basket

Organic food gift baskets are a great way to show the special person in your life that you care about their health and wellness. An organic food gift basket is a collection of organic products, such as organically grown fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other healthy snacks. You can customize the basket with items that have a special significance to your loved one – whether it’s a favorite fruit or snack of theirs – making it even more meaningful.

An organic food gift basket is not only healthier than traditional snack baskets of processed foods, but also shows you care about their health and well-being by giving them “clean” edible gifts. This Valentine’s Day send your loved one an organic food gift basket to show how much you care about them and their health!

Gluten-Free Food Gift Basket

Create a one-of-a-kind gluten-free food gift basket for your beloved with exclusive, tasty treats. This delicious and thoughtful present can bring joy to the special someone in your life and make their day extra memorable. Here are some yummy, gluten-free treats that you may want to add to your gluten-free food basket:

  1. Gourmet Popcorn: Aromatically popped and seasonally seasoned gourmet popcorn makes a wonderful snack that everyone can enjoy. Try flavours such as garlic & herb, honey & almond, BBQ seasoning, and salted caramel.
  2. Jam Collection: Surprise your special someone with a selection of palate pleasing jams made from organic fruits harvested from local farms. Choose unique flavours such as wild blueberry, harvest blackberry & apple brandy, or star jasmine pear paired with unexpected ingredients.
  3. Spicy Snack Mix: Does your Valentine enjoy an extra kick? Gifts them this spicy snack mix featuring irresistible herbs, spices and crunchy nuts that is sure to satisfy any craving they have!
  4. Chocolate Fruits: Indulge in raw cacao dipped blueberries or dark chocolate covered strawberries – both irresistible sweet treats! These snacks are also vegan friendly making them ideal for everyone’s taste buds.
  5. Gluten Free Granola Bites: Give your love something truly special – these individually wrapped granola bites make a perfect pair with tea or coffee! Made with whole foods like almonds, cashews, coconut oil and maple syrup these goodies will keep them energized all day long.

Vegan Food Gift Basket

For the vegan in your life, try this customizable and delicious vegan food gift basket. Whether you’re looking for something small but romantic, or something to tantalize their taste buds for days – this vegan food gift basket is the perfect way to show you care.

Start by selecting a nice decorative basket to create your vegan food gift. Baskets come in a variety of materials and sizes, so there’s no reason not to find one that fits the occasion. The possibilities are endless when choosing what goes inside the basket, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Coconut chips: A sweet coconut snack made with simple ingredients like shredded coconut, sugar, oil and salt that’s sure to satisfy any craving.
  • Organic dark chocolate: Deliciously indulgent dark chocolate with a smooth flavor – great for snacking or baking goodies.
  • Vegan protein bars: Seasonal flavors of chewy bars packed with plant-based protein that provide quick energy and nutrition.
  • Organic dried fruit snacks: With great taste and no preservatives added, these packs of zesty fruit are great for on the go snacking.
  • Gourmet jams: Choose from a wide variety of flavorful gourmet jams made without preservatives or artificial flavors – perfect addition for toast or cheese spreads.
  • Homemade nut mix: A homemade nut mix bursting with flavors including almonds, walnuts, pecans and cashews – perfect as an addition to yogurt or oatmeal bowls!

When putting together your vegan food gift basket make sure it’s full of items they’ll love – an array of vegan health snacks like these can make the perfect Valentine’s Day treat!


Treat your Valentine to a delectable foodie gift this Valentine’s Day! Show someone how much you care by making them or sending them something special and delicious – it’s sure to be an unforgettable treat.

From unique fruit baskets, to decadent ingredients for a romantic dinner, and even homemade treats, there are all sorts of food gifts that will make sure your valentine is suitably spoiled. Add a bit of extra love to your celebration with one of these amazing food gifts – it’s guaranteed to be appreciated!

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