Types of Personal Injury Cases: What You Should Know

Being hurt in an accident can be quite challenging. Long, costly medical treatment may be required of you, during which you will likely be unable to work and may be left with permanent pain or incapacity.

Get to know the different forms of personal injury cases so you can better understand how a Jersey City slip and fall attorney┬ámay help you seek compensation from the individual or parties responsible for your injuries if you were harmed in an accident that may have been someone else’s fault.

Some of the most typical varieties of New Jersey personal injury claims are illustrated below.

Incidents Involving Motor Vehicles

It is assumed that drivers would follow all applicable laws and drive safely. When drivers are irresponsible or reckless, they put the lives of everyone on the road in danger.

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Regrettably, not all motorists are cautious on the road or abide by traffic regulations. Consequently, thousands of auto accidents happen every day due to careless driving.

Mishaps on the Water

In New Jersey, there are a fair number of boating accidents due to the high volume of visitors who choose to travel to the shore on boats and other PWC. Boat operators have the same duty as motorists to drive safely in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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Accidents Involving Slipping and Falling

The law requires property owners to ensure their properties are secure and free of any defects or hazards that could cause harm to legitimate visitors. If there are any potential dangers on the property, they must be addressed, whether by removing, correcting, or cleaning them up or by posting warning signs. The law also requires many commercial property owners to conduct routine inspections to identify and address any safety concerns.

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The owner might be held accountable when a visitor is hurt because the owner failed to take these precautions. Even minor slip and fall accidents can result in catastrophic injuries such as fractured bones, ligament or tendon damage, and traumatic brain injuries.

Mishaps Involving Bicyclists And Pedestrians

Negligent and careless drivers pose a threat not only to other individuals in vehicles but also to pedestrians and cyclists. When hit by a car, pedestrians, and cyclists are at risk for life-changing injuries. Distracted driving and failing to yield to pedestrians and bikers are major causes of collisions on the road.

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