10 Tips You Neglect Easily But Require Attention To Make You More Efficient In Kitchen

Kitchen chores are the ones that, if not done efficiently, will make you spend all day within the walls of your pantry. But we don’t want that happening. Don’t we? Let’s dig right into the tips that you should be following to be more productive and efficient with your kitchen tasks.  

Know Your Knives

If you are the magician in the kitchen, then knives are your wands, and you can never be a good magician if you do not know your wands well. It might look like an ordinary tip, but this pops out as the first choice when you think of the essential kitchen tools. The more familiar you are with your cutting and slicing equipment, the more efficiently you will complete your chores. 

Knowing the difference between knives can be a time saver and prevent your chores from being clumsy and poorly managed. For example, cutting meat products from a fruit knife will only tire you up. 

Use Technology To Your Aid

There are many kitchen tasks that we unconsciously bring on our nerves and make things much harder than they are. Such errands can be done using automatic machines and do not require our manual assistance. Therefore, almost every household should have a juicer, blender, beater, or a hand-rolling pea sheller. These appliances will ease the chores a lot. 

For example, you have friends coming over, and you do not have a lot of time for preparations. In such a scenario, use the hand pea Sheller to quickly pick all the peas and use them in your recipe. Exciting! Isn’t it?

Plan Your Meals Before Cooking

Planning is as important as doing something. Before you start your kitchen chores, devise a strategy of approaching every task efficiently. It will increase your overall performance. Organizing your ingredients within your reach should be your priority task. It will save your time as you no longer need to go and search all the cabinets.

Cooking things in the right order also requires efficient planning. Let’s assume you have to cook a main course and a salad along with that. You cannot prepare the salad first because by the time your main item will be ready, the salad will go wilt and all soggy.

Clean On The Go

Planning your tasks is followed by a mess of things which you should clean on the go. It means that you must not wait for the cooking to finish and then clean everything at once. It is a wrong and time-wasting approach. 

Piling up stacks of dishes is a clear sign of a messy kitchen. While your food is being cooked, you can wash your dishes or dispose of the trash bag. It is an essential kitchen-cleaning hack to save your time. Make sure that you do not let the dirty dishes dry up; instead, put them in a sink full of soap water so that when you wash them, it is easy to scrape off the oil and other leftovers.

Keep Things At Their Designated Places

There is nothing worse than not being able to find a small ingredient for your dish from your cabinets. It only happens when you do not keep things at their designated spots. If you don’t have such places in your kitchen, then do it as the most priority task.

Having scarce storage space should not come in the way of your kitchen organizational skills. You need to be creative while storing your items as it will increase your efficiency. Similar things like all the spices and sauces should be placed together. Keeping things in the right order is not a one-time thing, but putting them back at their original position is a vital organizational tip for the kitchen.

Set Up A Weekly Schedule

Some might think that setting up a weekly schedule is boring, but it will help you complete tasks effectively. This timetable can be both for your menu, and other tasks like cleaning the oven and shelves which cannot be done every day. These should be divided throughout the week in the form of a proper schedule. 

For example, when you plan to get lunch delivered at home, you can spend some of your time doing these scheduled chores that day. It will not double up your burden and will also make your kitchen look clean and tidy. 

Divide Kitchen Chores Among Your Family

Working in the kitchen is not one person’s job. You must divide small chores between your family members, especially when there is a gathering at your place. Distributing the tasks will finish them quickly and on time. 

You do not need to spend long hours gathering the plates and leftovers from all over the house and then wash and dry them up. Couples and children can participate in this and make it more of an activity than a burden on one person. Building confidence and self-dependency are a few of many benefits of kids doing chores.

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Take Cooking Classes

Learning to cook is an excellent way of improving your efficiency. You are never too perfect to stop learning something new. Even Gordon Ramsay, the ‘King’ of the cooking world, is not that perfect. You should spend some time taking online classes to sharpen your skills. 

It will open your mind to new things and improve your cooking skills to the next level. You will come across many new tips and tricks that you can implement while preparing meals. These tips will not only save your time but also make the meals tastier.

Grow A Kitchen Garden

Growing a kitchen garden is not as difficult as it seems. There are plenty of easy-to-grow vegetables, fruits, and salad seeds for beginners to plant. It will be a healthy activity for you and your family. 

In addition to that, having a kitchen garden in your back yard will make you run for fewer errands. You can have coriander, tomatoes, mint from your backyard and enjoy the freshness of these vegetables. Having easy and close access to such edibles will increase your productivity in the kitchen.

Keep Frozen Items At Your Disposal All The Time

Increasing your productivity in the kitchen requires you to be smart and innovative. You can save a lot of time by pre-cutting and freezing vegetables and meat to use in cooking. Cutting and storing vegetables beforehand can be a great way of being quick in your kitchen tasks. 

Ready to cook nuggets, spring rolls, and fries are food items that can bring your cooking skills up to speed. The next time your children want something to eat within minutes, pull out the frozen fries bag from the freezer and make loaded fries dish in a matter of no time.

Bottom Line

Kitchen duties can be a lot tiring when you are disorganized and unaware of the essential tips and tricks. From organizing cabinets to when and how you should wash your dishes, all similar suggestions are mentioned above. These will increase your efficiency in the kitchen and allow you to find time to do other activities.

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