Reclaim The Hub Of The Home! Organizational Tips For The Kitchen

Tips For The Kitchen

You may forever be looking for the right hacks to clean quick, or get things done in record time, but one of the biggest hacks that we can all benefit from is a simple, but dull one: organization! When it comes to every room in your house, if you have some organization in place, it will make life a lot easier. The kitchen is one of those places that can be overrun with cooking implements, junk mail, and everyday necessities. As such, you need to find ways to organize the kitchen, not just so it looks clean, but so the place becomes the hub of the home again.

A Designated Zone For Everything

Zones are fantastic. If you organize your space into a few different zones, it makes life a lot simpler, especially during peak cooking times. If you are in the middle of cooking food, and the children run into the kitchen behind you and open up the cabinet, rummaging around for snacks under your feet, this can be one of the most frustrating things. So, you could very easily set up a space for snacks. You could even use a snack basket. That way, the children know where the snacks live, but also, if you are trying to separate everything into specific tasks, you could use the basket system. One wire basket for snacks, one or two handcrafted wicker baskets for laundry, and so on.

Do “The Cull!”

Decluttering is the best way to make sense of everything. You need to find out where everything in your kitchen belongs, and when the drawers are overflowing, you’ve got to get organized and look at what you use every single day. There are, no doubt, many old Christmas gifts like cheeseboard knives that you think you might use again, but if they haven’t been dug out in the last twelve months, throw them! Or if you can’t bear to part with them, make sure you find a space for them. There are so many items in your kitchen that you could just relocate, meaning you’ve got a lot more space to play with!

Get Creative With Your Storage

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Storage can be scarce in the kitchen, especially if you’ve got a small one. But there are ways around this. You’ve got to get creative! Think about things like free-standing furniture or storage containers. And also make the most of window sills or hanging items. You could hang baskets around the kitchen, so they store baking items, herbs, and spices, or even cutlery. Get into the habit of storing items upwards, rather than outward, and this will free up more space on the countertop for you to do what you were meant to!

When we struggle to keep track of everything in the kitchen this is when organizational tactics come into play. Because if you don’t keep on top of where everything is before you know it, it becomes an overcrowded kitchen. It’s always best to declutter as the first port of call, but also think about creative ways with your storage. 

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