10 Tried and Tested Sites to Enter and Win Sweepstakes

10 Tried and Tested Sites to Enter and Win Sweepstakes

All you need to do is give a few minutes of your time and earn a chance to win earn some free cash and walk away with free fabulous prizes and gifts. That’s what sweepstakes are all about. 

But if you happen to be one of those folks who’ve tried just about everything in their arsenal to win upon entering but never come close to it, then you’re probably not looking in the right places. Not every site out there on Google is legitimate and that’s why we’ve taken the liberty of listing only the ones that are sure to boost your chances of winning to what they were before.  

The following sweepstake sites are some of the most reliable that you’ll ever come across:

  1. Sweepsheet

    Looking for a sweepstake list that comes to you? Try Sweepsheet! Subscribers receive a newsletter every other week that features over three dozen new giveaways that they can enter either online or by mail. It especially focuses on mail-in entries. The newsletter also includes tips and features those sweepstakes with a very high chance of winning.

  2.  The Balance

    If you want plenty of winning advice, The Balance will give you that as well as a free newsletter that lists only the best of the best sweepstakes that you can enter right now. Also, it’s totally free.

  3.  Online-Sweepstakes.com

    Online-Sweepstakes.com provides visitors with a vast list of new sweepstakes options that get added daily and group them into categories, which help simplifies the search. Premium members get the added benefit of tracking the sweepstakes that they’ve entered as well as receive daily and weekly listings of those sweepstakes.

  4.  ContestGirl

    Here’s another free sweepstakes listing that provides enter tracking, offers simple categories, and also personal and community notes on sweepstakes.

  5.  Sweepstakes Lovers

    Sweepstakes Lovers is a large, but free, sweepstakes directory which you can take you time to browse around with. The only problem with it is that it can at times, be very difficult to know whether a promoted sweepstake is still active or if it has expired.

  6.  Sweeping America

    Sweeping America, like Sweepsheet, is a paid newsletter that focuses mainly on mail-in giveaways. Even do, the site does feature a plethora of online sweepstakes, especially those on social media and blogs.

  7.  Sweeties’ Sweepstakes

    This online sweepstake is run by renowned sweepstake brand Wendy Limauge. Given her incredulous expertise and experience, visitors can rest easy knowing the list of sweepstakes they encounter in Wendy’s site are legitimate. The website also provides tips on winning from a pro. Premium members can also get a chance to access local giveaways, especially those that come with a higher chance of winning.

  8.  SurveyH

    SurveyH boasts an incredible set of surveys for travel, retail, and food, for example, JackListens, where you can get 2 free tacos upon completing a survey. In fact, SurveyH consists of several other types of surveys with different rewards attached to them. Plus, not only will you get free stuff tailored to what you like and want, you’ll even get the chance to enter special sweepstakes that could have you win $1,500 for this month.

  9.  Sweepstakes Advantage

    Sweepstakes Advantage touts itself as being the largest directory of free sweepstakes and contests. It offers a variety of sweepstakes announcements, comments, forums tips as well as other sweepstake-related content.

  10.  Contest Bee

    Contest Bee consists of giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests. What separates this site from others is that it provides both the casuals and the novice sweeper a safer way to find the latest active sweepstakes to enter. It also has a dedicated section for travel sweepstakes.

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