3 Types of Toys for Kids That Are Safe and Fun

Did you know that kids experienced one million toy-related injuries between 2015 and 2018? Kids between 0 and 4 are the most vulnerable of all age groups, but boys are more likely than girls to get hurt.

As worried parents, the last thing we want is for our kids to hurt themselves. That’s why we’re providing you with three toys for kids that are as safe as they are fun!

1. Kids’ Toys for Infants: Teether Toys

As we just mentioned, younger kids are most prone to toy-related injuries. The first thing you should do is check the guidelines on the toy. They should have a recommended age range on the label.

Keep in mind that you know your child best, though. Not all kids develop at the same rate, so if you don’t feel a certain toy is right, stick with your gut.

Cool toys for kids at this age focus more on safety than anything else, though. In other words, they should not be easy to swallow or have small, detachable parts.

If the toy has batteries, make sure they are secure behind a case. Kids should not be able to open this case and access the batteries.

That’s where teether toys come in. They have texture, twists, and turns and are battery-free. They’re also easy for babies to grab onto, which exercises their muscles and motor skills.

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2. Kids’ Toys for Toddlers: Stuffed Animals

This is the age of problem-solving and make-believe starts.Not only are stuffed animals a comfortable buddy to sleep with, but they can become anybody the child wants them to be–doctors, astronauts, artists, and more.

Some brands even come with little dress-up outfits. Toddlers may go ahead and play dress up too. This is especially true if they have their own props for make-believe, like tables, chairs, and a little kitchen, for example.

3. Toy Cars for Kids: Construction Toys

Toy cars for kids are one of those prized items that every kid dreams about. However, we as parents aren’t too keen on buying this toy for kids because it poses a safety hazard.

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One year is generally a good age for a toy car, though, as long as the child is able to walk on his own. At this age, opt for a foot-propelled toy car.

For kids aged three to five, you can graduate all the way up to an electric toy car. Your kids may even enjoy ride on construction toys like dump trucks and tractors.

The Best Toys for Kids

Finding toys for kids that are both safe and fun can be a challenge. We want them to be entertained, but we don’t want to risk them getting hurt, either.

Thankfully, there are cool toys for kids of any age. The best way to look is by reading the recommended age range and knowing your kid’s demeanor beforehand. If you need more content for parents, explore our blog!

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