4 Eco-Friendly Easter Ideas

Easter Ideas

In most parts of the world, Easter is associated with spring, change, growth, and feelings of starting something new. Contribute to the growth and renewal of the environment while enjoying the holiday by creating traditions and memories with eco-friendly activities, games, and treats.

Upgrade Your Easter Basket

Say no to plastic! Not only can it look cheap and tacky, but you know it’s also incredibly harmful to the environment. And with beautiful and eco-friendly alternatives to plastic eggs, as well as creative and non-toxic ways of decorating traditional, edible Easter eggs, there’s no reason why you can’t ditch the plastic this Easter. Consider making papier-mache eggs—not only will your kids love to get crafty with glue, paper, and paints, but they’ll love to open them and discover the treats hidden inside.

 When decorating hard-boiled eggs, skip the store-bought dyes which are created with chemicals, and instead make your own dyes with the food you might have in your kitchen right now. Use purple cabbage to create blue, red onion skins for lavender or red, yellow onion skins for orange, shredded beets for pink, and ground turmeric for yellow. Add water and white vinegar to each for a completely natural, beautiful dye you and your kids will love.

Improve Your Relationships

Easter is a time for new beginnings, renewal, starting over, and changing for the better. Do you have a friend or loved one you haven’t spoken with lately? Or maybe there’s a relationship that could use some fixing. Take the opportunity this Easter to send a card to someone to let them know you’re thinking about them. Eco-friendly greeting cards provide a way of showing your friend or loved one that you care about them and the environment.

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Build New Traditions

Make memories with family and friends by starting new traditions. Some of the more classic traditions include having ham, carrots, and potatoes for dinner. Add a special element to that by making a pound cake with a lamb mold and decorate it with buttercream frosting, coconut, and jellybeans. Start or end your Easter egg hunt by flying a kite. Assign family members to pick out treats and small gifts to fill an Easter basket for another family member. Anonymously gift small Easter baskets to friends and neighbors, leaving them on their doorstep to find.   

Reuse Outfits

Easter outfits are all the rage. What’s the deal? You don’t need brand new matching dresses and shirts, ties, shoes, and bows. This year choose to be more eco-friendly by using an outfit you already have. You can update it with small touches like getting matching bows and ties, which will also save you some serious cash. It especially doesn’t make sense to buy clothes with bunnies and eggs on them since they’ll be worn once and then sit in the closet for a year or more. If you really would like to buy new clothes, make them ones that are practical, like white dresses or shirts in pastel colors that can be worn throughout spring and summer for family pictures, weddings, and other events.

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