Unique Things To Do With Ashes After Cremation

ashes after cremation

When opting for a cremation, it’s worth considering what will happen to the ashes. Some people have their ashes buried in a grave. In other cases, a loved one may keep onto the urn, possibly keeping it in their home in order to stay close to their loved one. There are then those that have their ashes scattered in a special place.

And then there are the more unusual ways of utilizing ashes. Whether you’re planning to put a twist on your own cremation or looking for unique ways to honor a loved one, it’s worth considering the following alternative options.

3D print your own urn

Urns come in all shapes and sizes. If you’d like to keep the ashes in an urn, but don’t want a traditional urn, there could be many options out there to consider. One way of making your urn truly unique could be to 3D print it. This could allow you to design any shaped urn that you desire, from a cat-shaped urn for a cat lover to a bust of the deceased person.  

Float their ashes out to sea

If you or your loved one adored the ocean, a unique and thoughtful option could be to float the ashes out to sea. There are companies that produce biodegradable floating urns for this purpose. Close friends and relatives can then watch the urn float out with the tide into the horizon. This practice is based on a traditional Slavic ritual.

Turn their ashes into jewelry

An option that is growing in popularity is to turn ashes into jewelry. You can find cremation jewelry at Memorials.com – this jewelry includes pendants and keychains that can contain a small portion of a person’s ashes and be carried around by a loved one as a keepsake. It’s also possible to turn a person’s ashes into a diamond. This diamond could then be placed in a ring or a necklace.

ashes after cremationTurn their ashes into vinyl

Ideal for music lovers, a creative way of utilizing ashes could be to convert them into a vinyl record. This record could contain a song that the deceased person loved (or a recording of their voice – if that isn’t too spooky). There are vinyl pressing companies that specialize in this service.

Add ashes to tattoo ink

A lot of people get a tattoo of a loved one as a way of memorializing them. However, you could go the extra mile and incorporate some of their ashes into the tattoo ink. The process, which is can only be carried out by certain tattoo artists and is sometimes known as ‘morbid ink’. The health risks of this type of tattooing have not been researched thoroughly, so you may want to be careful when pursuing this option.

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Grow a tree with the ashes

Another unique way to memorialize a loved one could be to grow a tree from their ashes. The ashes can be placed into a bio-urn from seed or sapling can be placed. This can be a great way of giving back to the environment as well as using your ashes to birth something living. The tree could be placed in the backyard of a loved one or planted somewhere else that is special such as a park or a forest.  

ashes after cremationPut the ashes in a firework

For those that want to go out with a bang, you could consider the option of adding ashes to a firework. This could be let off as a single firework at a funeral service or it could be incorporated into the end of a display. Putting ashes into a firework can be symbolic for friends and relatives, as it can feel as the person is being launched into the heavens. There are companies that specialize in such fireworks.

Launch the ashes into space

An even more crazy option could be to launch the ashes into space. Companies such as Celestis.com specialize in this unique service of scattering ashes into the cosmos. It could be the perfect option for those that love astronomy or for those that have always loved the idea of going into space. As you can imagine, this is not a cheap service. There are many different options offered on the site including even scattering ashes onto the moon.

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