4 Hidden Sources Of Dirt That You’re Missing When You Clean Your Home

4 Hidden Sources Of Dirt That You're Missing When You Clean Your Home
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We all know that it’s important to keep our homes clean. If your home isn’t clean then you’re more likely to get sick because of all of the bacteria floating around, which is why you probably spend a good amount of time every week cleaning. But is your house really as clean as you think it is? Dust and dirt are great at hiding around your home and there are a lot of common areas that people tend to miss. This can be a problem because it means that all of that dirt and bacteria is building up over time and your home might not actually be that clean, even if it appears to be on the surface. If you’re concerned about making sure that your home is a healthy environment, it’s important that you stay on top of these hidden sources of dust and dirt.

Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning is there to keep the home cool and cycle the air so it’s clean, but could it be having the opposite effect? If the filters inside your air conditioning units aren’t cleaned out properly, they can start to collect dust over time. When you’re running them, all of that dust is being pumped back out into the air and that’s a big problem. A lot of people don’t realize that air pollution is one of the biggest hidden dangers in the home and often, the air inside buildings is actually more polluted than the air outside in the streets. There are a lot of different things that contribute to bad indoor air quality but dirty air conditioning units are one of the most common.

You need to take the filters out and clean them on a regular basis to stop this build-up of dirt and dust and it’s also a good idea to have them serviced once in a while as well. As long as you keep your air conditioning units clean, you shouldn’t have a problem, but if you neglect them then they’re just making your house dirtier.

Old Rugs

Most people know that carpets trap a lot of dust and dirt in them which is why they vacuum regularly and give the carpets a deep clean from time to time. But a lot of people tend to forget about rugs, even though they have the same problem. A quick vacuum isn’t enough to get dust and dirt out of the fibers of a rug, especially a very old one. However, you can’t always clean them in the same way as you’d clean your carpets because they’re more delicate and you don’t want to damage them. That’s why you should take them to a rug restoration service from time to time to get them professionally serviced. They’ll be able to clean them effectively using gentle cleaning products that don’t damage the rug so you can get rid of the dirt while preserving the rug.  

Underneath Furniture

When was the last time you moved the sofa out of the way and vacuumed underneath it? You probably can’t remember but don’t worry, we’re all guilty of this. It’s time-consuming to move all of the furniture around every time you clean the house but you do need to do it occasionally. You’d be surprised how quickly dust builds up underneath furniture and if you leave it for a while, it can get pretty disgusting. It’s a bit of a pain dusting underneath furniture but there are easy ways to do it if you get along duster with an adjustable head. It doesn’t need to be done every time you vacuum and dust the rest of the house but you should try to do it at least once or twice a month if not more. The more often you do it, the easier it will be because you aren’t letting it build up for as long.  If you find that some of this cleaning is too much on your health you can always hire an Airbnb cleaning service.  Even if you aren't an Airbnb you may find this works out great for you and for them.

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On Top Of Kitchen Cabinets

The top of kitchen cabinets is an area that rarely gets cleaned, if at all, in a lot of people’s houses. That’s a problem because it’s often one of the dirtiest areas. When you’re cooking, grease and fat can collect up there and dust will settle in it so if you haven’t cleaned up there for a while or at all, it’s going to be very dirty. The first time you clean it, it will be a bit of a big job but after that, it should be simple. It will only take a quick wipe if you’re doing it once a week or so.

If you’re not tackling these hidden sources of dirt in your home, it isn’t going to be as clean as you think it is, so make sure that you’re cleaning these areas on a regular basis.

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