4 Lifehacks You’ll Wish You Knew About Years Ago!

4 Lifehacks You'll Wish You Knew About Years Ago

Technology can be amazing, or it can be a headache. But the advent of innovative science has brought with it some incredible lifehacks that you probably don’t even know exist.

When it comes to adding convenience to your day and making your daily life easier, you’ll want to jump on many of these products immediately. Check out these 4 lifehacks you will wish you knew about years ago!

You Need These 4 Lifehacks Right Now

  1. Quiet cooling fans for your sanity and relief. A refreshing breeze is exactly what we need on a hot day or in a room where the ventilation keeps the air stagnant and miserable, but who wants to choose between listening to the constant hum of the fan or sweating?

Now you don’t have to, with these fans that make little noise. They give you the same or better oscillation and breeze without the background sounds that once drove users crazy. You can cool down and still hear the TV or focus on your job!

  1. A luggage scale for travel enthusiasts. On the go a lot? You know the frustration of not knowing if your luggage is going to hit the targeted weight or be slightly over. The stress of trying to adjust two extra pounds from your suitcase so you don’t have to pay the excess fees while you are at the ticket counter is exhausting.

But there’s good news! You can find a variety of handy portable luggage scales that you just hook to your suitcase and they give you the weight – no more guessing games!

  1. Solar-powered phone chargers that you hang on your window. Solar is quickly becoming the energy of the future. Once basically used to power calculators, solar cells today power entire homes and businesses. So it should not be too big of a surprise to realize this type of energy can be used to power your phones!

Simply by sticking the charger on your window and then plugging it into your phone, you can have a fully charged battery as quickly as if you were using electricity.

  1. Smartpens and notebooks that hook to your phone or computer. There’s no doubt that smartphones, laptops, and computers have made life much easier for those who use them. But there are still times when a good old pen and paper come in handy or are needed.

With innovative smartpens and notebooks, you don’t have to choose one or the other anymore! Connect the pen or notebook to your computer via your Bluetooth and whatever you write shows up on the corresponding app on your laptop, desktop, or smartphone. You can still take notes and not have to transcribe them or remember what you wrote.

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Lifehacks are Everywhere – Just Look Around!

Whatever your need is, there is probably a lifehack that makes it happen at a much easier level. Why spend extra time doing things the hard way? Working smarter, not harder, is a piece of cake when you find lifehacks to help you throughout your day!


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