The Best Way to Prepare for the DAT

The Best Way to Prepare for the DAT

Virtually all graduate schools require that you take the DAT test before applying to dental school. Above all, it is vital that you realize what will be on the test so that you understand what is in store and can legitimately prepare for the test. The DAT consists of four sections outlined below:

  • The main section of the DAT is the common sciences section. This section consists of 100 different decision directions that will take one hour to complete.
  • The second section is the perceptive capacity. You will have one hour to finish 90 numerous decision questions.
  • The third section is the reading perception section. You will again have one hour to complete 50 different decision questions.
  • The last section of the exam is the quantitative thinking section, where you will have 45 minutes to complete 40 numerous decision questions.

This test is currently offered only as a PC-based exam. In order to prepare for the exam, you will also need the key ideas in science, general science, and natural science. Since you have an idea of what is incorporated in the exam, you must find a way to prepare for the exam. Since you never know exactly what questions will be on the test, you must follow a strategy that allows you to prepare better for this test.

Make an arrangement

Regardless of whether you are using a DAT tutor or you’re studying alone through a DAT practice test book, choose how you will approach your preparation for the exam.

Create a schedule

Set aside a specific amount of time each day to devote to studying for your exam. Give yourself enough time in these research sessions to finish studying the subjects in a way that keeps you on track to take the exam.

Practice, practice, and then practice even more

Configure multiple timed practice test sessions. Use the practice tests from the books or from your DAT tutor. Return to the areas where you have made mistakes or are your weakest, but also review the questions you got correct to make sure you understand why.

When You Take The Exam:

So now you know the organization of the test, what will be included in the test, and how to think for the test. At this time, you have to understand what to do while you are passing the test to get through it completely.

Read the questions carefully

Try not to rush through the exam or let yourself panic. Be sure to carefully examine each question and make sure you recognize what you are reading. Only one word missing can completely change the correct answer.

Do not leave blank answers

On the DAT you are not punished for incorrect answers. Only the number of correct answers is reviewed so (although it should never be your first response) you can guess if you need to. In the case that you do not have the slightest idea about the answer to a query, at that moment use logic to limit the decisions that are made, however many you can. In the case that you can limit the decisions to two alternatives, at that moment you currently have a 50% chance of finding the correct solution.

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Manage your time

Since each section of the test is carefully coordinated, you need to spend your time wisely to have enough time to finish each question on the test. Try not to invest an excess of energy in any query that takes too much of your time and keep you from being able to respond to the rest of the queries.

Review your work

When you have finished a section and have time before finishing that segment of the exam, come back and check your answers. Initially, make sure you have answered most of the questions. Return to the questions with which you were having difficulties and re-verify your answer decision if you have a couple of minutes to devote.

Do not panic

Try and talk to your DAT tutor or study group as they may give you some help. Through dedicated studying there is little doubt you will be successful on the DAT.

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