4 Tips for a Clean Home with a Dog

4 Tips for a Clean Home with a Dog

A home with a dog or dogs is a fantastic environment for children, as they not only have a furry playmate ready to give and receive unconditional affection, but they can also learn how to care for animals. A potential downside, however, is that you increase the likelihood of mess and germs when you have a dog in the home, which in severe cases can cause health problems. The good news is that there are plenty of simple ways to keep your home clean and as mess-free as possible to ensure everyone is happy and healthy. Here are 4 tips to help you establish a child and pet-friendly cleaning routine.

  • Clean Your Dog

It may be an obvious statement, but the cleaner you keep your dog, the less dirt, pests, and germs they will bring into the home. Dog shampoo should not be used too regularly, as it can upset their skin, but a quick rinse in the shower will help to keep them fresh. If they shed a lot of hair, you should be brushing them every day to reduce how much they drop in the home, and if they don’t shed, they will need regular trimming or appointments with a professional groomer. Ideally, their toys and bedding should all be washable, so you can keep them clean too.

You should also treat them with flea and tick protection to minimize the likelihood of an infestation. It’s worth noting that companies like Joshua’s Pest Control can not only eliminate pests from your home but can also protect it from future infestations.

  • Buy A Pet-Friendly Couch

Some dog owners do not let their dog on the couch, but if you’re a fan of cuddles, you might want to consider buying a couch in a more pest-resistant fabric. For example, leather or tight woven fabrics in a shade close to the dog’s fur will be easier to clean, and fur will be easier to remove. Alternatively, a simple throw over the sofa, which you can wash, will catch a lot of hair and protect against staining and odors.

  • Invest in A Powerful Vacuum 

A vacuum cleaner will pick up hair and dirt but will also help to reduce odors and the dander that dogs leave behind (skin flakes and saliva). A strong vacuum will be able to pull hair from deep within the fibers of your carpet and not simply skim over the surface. Remember to vacuum regularly and clean the filters to prevent the spread of dog smells around your home. If your time is limited, a robot vacuum cleaner can help to keep on top of things as it can clean to a regular schedule, even when you’re not home. 

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  • Adapt Your Entranceway for Dog Cleaning

If you have a back-entrance door with hard floors, you should try to bring the dog in this way after walks, so you can avoid making your main entrance muddy and wet, or getting stains on the carpet. A durable and absorbent doormat with a towel on hand will be essential when getting the worst of the mud and water off before they go running through the home. Find out more about cleaning dog paws and make sure to keep a dog paw cleaning kit in easy reach.


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