4 Ways to Tell Him the Ring You Want Without Stating the Obvious

4 ways to tell him the ring you want without stating the obvious
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Finding that one person with whom you would want to spend the rest of your life is one of the most amazing feeling that you will have during your span of life. And if you both have decided to say I do in the near future, well then congratulations! And also brace yourself for the endless list of arrangements that you will have to manage to make your D day the best day of your life. Not to mention, your ladies will be waiting to flood you with their hen do ideas and which will come with another list of preparations and arrangements and risks because this one event involves you and your girls getting sloshed completely.

But the most important thing in all this commotion is to choose the perfect wedding band for you and your partner. This is one of the most essential components of getting engaged or tying the knot. If you are fearing that your man will not be able to choose the right ring for you, then why not try telling him what is there in your mind, not directly on his face, but in a subtle, nicer way.

We bring to you a few ways by which you can drop hints to your partner about the ring you love and if he is smart enough, you will be flaunting that ring in a few days itself!

Make use of his reading habit

If your man is a reader, you can use this habit of his to your profit very easily. All you need to do is to cut out pictures of the ring you have fallen in love with or the ones that will clearly define your taste and quietly place them in the book he has been reading. If this idea is too much on the face, why not keep that magazine open to that very page of the ring and keep it right next to your man’s current read. He is sure to take a look at the ring. Who knows, he might pick up the hint and give you the same ring while taking you as his bride!

Window shopping does the trick

How about taking your guy out for a stroll, maybe just for a walk or to grab a quick evening snack to any of the nearest markets and then have a little window shopping. While you are strolling around in the market, particularly stop by jewellery stores and have a glance at the rings they have in the display. While you do that, tell him about your thoughts over the rings and the kind of ring you might prefer. If your man is smart, he will know what you are talking about!

Talk it out

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When you discuss your wedding plans, bring this up as well. There might be times when you might be talking about a friend’s wedding and the ring given to her. Give your comments to it and tell your partner how you would have liked the ring. This will give him the exact idea of your choice and will help him select the perfect ring for you. Now that you both have decided to take your relationship to the next level, you can openly discuss about your wedding bands while you are discussing about other arrangements of your wedding day.

Buy the ring together

If your man is not the traditional type, he will not mind going with you to buy the wedding or engagement rings. This is also the easiest way to get what you want. Since rings are a huge investment and they are supposed to be the jewellery pieces that will remain with you all your life, so it is crucial they are beyond any conventions of design and trends. Do your research thoroughly and then head out to buy the ring that will reflect your style.

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im certainly going to try these,, my husband doesnt take a hint very well at all


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