4 Ways To Get Your Doctor To Listen To You

At times we take a trip to the doctor and leave feeling as though we haven’t been heard, and haven’t got the help that we felt like we needed. This is partly because they may not be listening to your concerns and partly because when in a room with a doctor it’s difficult to portray your concerns in a short appointment. You often try to tell your story and are interrupted by a checklist of questions that don’t seem relevant. Have you ever felt like you’ve been ignored?

It doesn’t need to be this way if you feel frustrated, dissatisfied or feeling as though you’ve experienced medical malpractice by your healthcare, it’s time t figure out how you can improve it. 

Have a look below at 4 ways you can get your doctor to listen to you: 

Answer Their Questions First 

Doctors are trained to run through a checklist of questions first before anything else, this is for good reason. They want to gather an overall picture of your health, they’re not doing this to sidetrack away from your concerns, it’s just so they can better understand the whole picture. Once you’ve answered these you can move back to your concerns and describe your problems more specifically. Make sure you let them know of anything you have taken to try and resolves the issues at home and exactly explain how long it has been occurring. Don’t be afraid to ask questions too, there is nothing asking a question like’ why have you diagnosed me with that?’

Add A Narrative To Your Answers 

Doctors are very good at asking questions that require a simple yes or no answer. This can be unhelpful, especially if your concern happened after doing a certain task or is worst when doing something like lifting. Even if they ask closed questions, try to add a narrative to your answers. For example, try saying things like ‘It hurts in the middle of my back and it happened after I lifted some boxes a few weeks ago’ these kinds of responses go a long way to helping your doctor diagnose you properly. 

Interrupt When You’re Interrupted 

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If your doctors seem like they are cutting you off when you are trying to explain your issue in full, don’t be afraid to interrupt them right back. Even when it feels as though you are being interrogated, pretend you’re having a conversation. You will find that your appointment goes a lot better by doing this. Always focus on trying to get your whole story out, even if you have to interrupt a few times. 

Have A Focus On Your Concerns

You need to make sure you always tell your doctor what it is you’re most concerned about. Make sure your doctor knows exactly what it is that is the main concern. If they focus on one symptom, don’t just accept it, press on the fact that you are more concerned over something else. Your appointment is your opportunity to get answers to your concerns, and you don’t want to leave feeling like they weren’t answered. 

At times you may feel frustrated or dissatisfied with your medical care, but the power is in your hands to help yourself when it comes to your doctor’s appointment. Do you have any other tips on how to get your doctor to listen to you? Please share them in the comments. 

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