4 Ways Your Business Could Be Better Supporting Its Employees

Supporting Its Employees

One of the most powerful ways in which we can address the inequalities of capitalism and the workplace is by starting our own business. Not only is it a great way to escape a dead-end job and a career that has long since stopped offering you the promise and potential it used to… it can also allow you to make a much more positive and meaningful difference to those around you. Of course, that goes for your customers, as you strive to embody the ideals in your mission statement… but it also goes for your employees, too. A socially responsible family business has the potential to support its employees better than the average profit-hungry corporation. But no matter how much you’re doing for your employees, it’s always worth considering what more you could do.

Here are some meaningful ways your business could better support its employees…

Help them get the support they need when things get rough

Your employees are living, breathing human beings. And like all of us, they have personal issues and stressors in their lives outside of work as well as within. And while it’s easy to be there for our employees when they’re at their best, it’s much more challenging to be there for them at their worst… especially if issues with alcohol or drugs affect their performance at work. Instead of burning your bridges, help them to find the support they need like drug detox programs near you. Show your faith in your employees even when times are tough and they’ll reward you with years of loyalty. 

Never stop training and growing them

All too often we make training an integral part of the onboarding process… then pretty much forget about it. And that’s a real shame. Sure, some of the best training is the kind that’s learned on the job, but keeping employees’ training and development up to date can go a long way towards ensuring that they feel engaged in their work and invested in you as their employer. Not to mention helping them to feel empowered and confident in their work.

Give them the flexibility they need to live their lives

A little flexibility really does go a long way. After all, your employees have lives outside of work. And any latitude that can make their work/life balance easier should be embraced. Whether it’s letting them come in an hour late or leave an hour early to pick up the kids from school or allowing them to work remotely for part of the week while they look after an elderly relative. Not only can flexibility make employees’ lives easier, but it can also make them more productive as their minds are less likely to be occupied by worry and stress. 

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And finally… Remember that acknowledgment trumps reward

Of course, you want to be able to reward your employees, especially when they smash their targets and over-deliver on your expectations. But often a sincere word of praise is more meaningful than a monetary bonus. This 2013 study shows that 85% of employees find recognition and acknowledgment to be more important than gifts and rewards.


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