5 Best Movie Franchise Building Block Sets for Playtime

5 Best Movie Franchise Building Block Sets for Playtime

Building block sets for kids are a great way for children to develop skills while having fun. And if your kids are in love with a particular movie, then there are not many gifts that would be better than a movie franchise building block sets for your children to learn and play at the same time.  

With these types of building block sets, children are able to ignite their imaginations as they recreate an iconic movie scene, or simply create their own!  

Of all the building block sets on the market, there are few as famous as the LEGO sets. Over the years, LEGO has produced many miniature colorful movie building block sets, including Harry Potter, the Bond movies, and even Jurassic World. Which one is your child’s favorite?  

There are many movie based kits out there, but here are our top 5: 

  1.   Harry Potter

The harry potter lego sets are based on the characters from J.K Rowling’s famous series of novels. This set stirs up the imagination and you can even get a building set for the Hogwarts castle. This set comprises of more than 6000 pieces and also includes mini-figures and micro figures all based on the Harry Potter stories. You can even recreate the Diagon Alley or Weasley’s home, The Burrow! 


This classic film was recently remade and now the Ghostbusters joy is spread throughout the generations. You can get the iconic Ghostbuster vehicle or even the Ghostbusters Headquarters, which comes with all the main characters and more than 4 500 pieces!  

  1.   Jurassic World

This set is the ultimate set for kids who are enamored with dinosaurs (and for adults enamored with Jurassic Park). You can get a variety of sets based on the Jurassic films, including the T-RexTracker (the best option if you are looking for a large dinosaur), the Raptor Rapture, and others.  

  1.   Indiana Jones

We can’t get enough of these sets based on the Indiana Jones movies. These are our favorites in this series: 

–      The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

In this set, you have 931 pieces to keep your child (or yourself) busy. There are mini figurines that include Indiana Jones (whip included) and Shia LeBeouf’s Mutt. It is a fun set to have, and one of the more affordable ones too. 

–      Temple of Doom

This set is superb. It includes Indiana Jones himself, Short Round and Willie. In this recreated scene, the trio is escaping from Mola Ram and are still in the mine car. The best part about this set is that the track actually works, so you or your kid can have hours of fun setting it up and sliding the cars down the tracks. The set comprises of a humble 652 pieces, although the prices on these sets are not nearly as humble.  

So, there you have it- the top five movie based building block sets. There are tons more than the ones listed here, but these are the favorites! Which one is your favorite? 



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